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Jessica Zaino

Birth Date: September 27, 1976 / Age: 41
Birth Place: Queens, New York, New York, USA

Biography: Jess Zaino has recently signed an exclusive talent deal with E! and the Style Network to be Co-Host and On-Air Fashion Stylist and Lifestyle Expert for the Style Network's highest-rated show, How Do I Look? She has also guest-starred on Style Network's Style Court.

Jess started her producing/hosting career at with the popular net-television show, Starfreaky. It was at PSEUDO that Video Systems Magazine dubbed her `The New Face of Broadcasting'. Her work with the online television network was featured on CBS's 60 Minutes, NBC's Extra! and CNN. She was featured three times in New York Magazine and has been written about in other magazines such as Interview and Yahoo! Life. It was as the host of Starfreaky that she learned the ropes of the online world and took celebrity interviews to a new level, introducing things such as the John Cusack Holiday Singalong, the fan cam and the art of breaking into premieres to get red carpet interviews.

After, Jess was asked to build an interactive online community as part of the live, daily, after-school hip-hop show, Studio Y on the Metro Channel in New York City. Satisfied with the results and heeding the call of the viewers via her online community creation, `Chat Chick' Jess became co-host of the live show, broadcast to millions in the tri-state area. In addition, Jess created, wrote and hosted `Can't Stop the Rock' for Studio Y.

Jess optioned off her hard rock show `starFREAK' to MTV2, which later became `Uranium' on the FUSE Network. She moved to Los Angeles last year to produce and host her `rock n' roll Martha Stewart' program `She's Crafty'.

Jess Zaino hails from the mean streets of New York City, where she has developed a strong personality, merging high fashion, hip-hop and old Hollywood glamour into something she calls "Street Couture", both a fashion trend and a lifestyle. She has expanded her brand and has done extensive work on television and other mediums to bring this lifestyle, commonplace to the kids but slowly gaining acceptance in the higher echelons of popular culture. She brings her aesthetic to editorial, print, television and runway. Jess Zaino is a pop-culture enthusiast with an extensive knowledge of music and movies and an uncanny knack to connect with people through a camera. She karaokes, curates art shows and organizes celebrity homes.

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Daria (1997) ... Stacy Rowe (1997), Mrs. Margaret Manson (recurring) (voice)

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