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Sonja Christopher

Birth Date: January 28, 1937 / Age: 81
Birth Place: Olympia, Washington, USA

Biography: Sonja Christopher (born January 28, 1937) is a contestant of Survivor: Pulau Tiga. In the very first challenge, her Tagi tribe took an early lead. But Sonja blew their lead when she got dragged off her feet by the buoyancy letting the raft stumble and they lost. At Tribal Council, she was the first ever person voted out. Sonja's tumble in the immunity challenge is one of the roadblocks in the first challenges in other Survivor seasons. Kucha's raft flipped over dousing their torch in Survivor: The Australian Outback. Coming down to the final stretch in Survivor: Africa, Diane Odgen fell to the ground blowing Boran's lead giving them their loss. Coming in the first stretch in Survivor: Marquesas, Maraamu took an early lead heading to the main urn first, but they had a lot of trouble lighting their torches. Coming down to final station in Survivor: Thailand, Chuay Gahn's largest lead was completely blown away when Ghandia Johnson had trouble solving the knife puzzle costing them a blowout. Coming down in the 3rd leg in Survivor: Amazon, the men's lead was blown when Ryan Aiken and Daniel Lue struggled to get across the balance beam losing to the tribe of women. Coming down the final stretch in Survivor: Pearl Islands, Drake lost their lead when their cannon got bogged down in the wet sand and Morgan took the lead. But before the finish line, Morgan's cannon also got bogged down and they couldn't budge it from the deep sand costing them a come from behind win. Coming down in the 3rd leg in Survivor: Vanuatu, Lopevi's Chris Daugherty fell off the beam blowing the men's lead to the women. However Chris Daugherty still went on to win $1,000,000. Coming down to the climax in Survivor: Palau, Jolanda Jones slowed down the Ulong tribe trying to take all of the items but they left the fire behind, when minutes later, Ulong lost control of their paddling and lost. Sonja's elderly age cost her dearly when as the very first person voted out of the island, she was the oldest to be the first person voted out of Survivor. She brought her ukelele as a luxury item.

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Survivor (2000) ... Herself (3 Days, Tagi Tribe)

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