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Picture Credit: Sony Classics

Gillian Anderson

Birth Date: August 9, 1968 / Age: 49
Birth Place: Chicago, IL

Biography: Gillian is by far best known for her role as Special Agent Dana Scully on The X Files.

She has since shown that her talents go beyond episodic tv, most notably playing Lily Bart in the adaptation of Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth and providing voiceovers for Princess Mononoke in Mononoke-hime. She tackles the classics again this year in the new mini-series Bleak House.

Gillian has also shown promise behind the camera as the writer and director of the "all things" episode during season 7 of The X Files. Her direction showed texture and leisurely pacing in her rumination about time and chance.

Biography Credit: imdb

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The X-Files (1993) ... Dana Scully

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June 30, 2005 (Posted by cinemondomike)
> Gillian at Bat

In April 2004, Gillian was a hit in Rebecca Gilman's play, The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, at the Royal Court Theater in the UK.... Read More

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Comparing herself to Dana Scully, "I am more spontaneous than my character...".

Keeping it real, "When I think of normal, I think of mediocrity... and mediocrity scares the fuck out of me!!".

Her high school classmates voted her "Most Likely to be Arrested," "Class Clown" and "Most Bizarre Girl." In an effort to live up to peer expectations, Gillian was arrested on grad night while attempting to glue the locks shut at school. "No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks."

Her daughter's name Piper Maru was the inspiration for the title of an X Files episode.

In response to a UK interviewer's characterization of her as "the thinking man's crumpet," she replied, "Well, it's more flattering than being a lobotomized man's crumpet, I suppose!"

As Gillian tells it, for the role of Dana Scully Fox originally "wanted someone taller, leggier and bustier. I guess they were going to make this 'The Triple-X Files.'"

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