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Phil Hendrie

Birth Date: September 1, 1952 / Age: 65
Birth Place: Pasadena, California, USA

Biography: Phillip Steven Hendrie (b. September 1, 1952, Pasadena, California) is the host of "The Phil Hendrie Show," a comedy talk radio program syndicated throughout North America on Premiere Radio Networks and on XM Satellite Radio weeknights from 7:00pm to 10:00pm Pacific time. While "The Phil Hendrie Show" has become renowned for its unique and controversial guests, those guests are not real people at all they are characters created by Hendrie. Though Hendrie often alludes to the fact that he is, in fact, doing the voices, listeners are invited to call and many are duped into believing that the guests on the show are real. He rapidly switches back and forth between an ordinary telephone and a studio microphone, creating the illusion that his "guest" has called into the show. Phil began doing voices on his program at KVEN in Ventura, California during the First Gulf War when he created "Raj Fahneen," an Egyptian who was demanding that George H. W. Bush bow down to Iraqis. He moved to Minneapolis and then to Miami where he further developed his show. The show then moved to KFI Los Angeles and has since been nationally syndicated. In February 2005, "The Phil Hendrie Show" moved from its longtime Los Angeles base at KFI to sports talk KXTA.

Show format

When Hendrie has one of his guests on, the opening segment is usually cordial and the unusual premise for discussion for that hour is brought up. In the second segment, a new element is usually brought in to the ongoing discussion, and callers are introduced. The callers are usually angry and outraged at what the guests are discussing, and the guest usually responds back in a caustic manner. In the third segment, a third and final element enters the conversation and more calls are taken. The caller and guest converse in downright bellicose tones, which usually gives Hendrie the opportunity to both "hang up" on his "guest" and be apologetic to the caller.

On some segments of the show he provides his opinions and rants in his actual voice on matters of the day. The number of these segments increased following 9/11. There is a flurry of ethnic slurs, such as referring to Middle Eastern people as "ragheads" or "Ay-rabs". Hendrie defends the use of such language as a satirization of America's terrorist enemies. An avowed Democrat and staunchly liberal on a number of issues, Hendrie has strongly voiced opposition to the Democratic Party as of late, accusing it of having lost touch with its core constituents and failing to adequately engage with a philosophy to win the war on terror.

Beginning in January of 2004, "The Phil Hendrie Show" began a kind of renaissance, decreasing the number of segments in Hendrie's own voice and returning to the commentary-through-satire which originally made him famous. He did not completely abandon political commentary in his own voice, however, and throughout 2004 frequently mentioned that he backed the re-election of President Bush because of his handling of the war.

Hendrie's other segments include "How to Read a News Story," "Phil's Mailbag," "Flashback" and "Life Imitates Phil," a segment where an outrageous stunt that had been invented on his program was later duplicated in real life.

Hendrie often promotes My Friend's Place (a resource center for homeless youth based in Hollywood, California).

Online fan community

Phil Hendrie once had an active online fan community consisting of dozens of fan sites providing difficult-to-find audio from Phil's pre-syndication days. But in late 2001, Premiere Radio Networks began a legal campaign to shut down all fan sites hosting audio of "The Phil Hendrie Show," even pre-syndication audio. Audio is now available via "Backstage Pass" subscriptions to Hendrie's website.

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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