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Jenilee Harrison

Birth Date: 0000

Biography: After Suzanne Somers, who played Chrissy Snow, left during season five after a bitter salary dispute, Harrison served as the replacement dumb blonde roommate: her character Cindy was Chrissy Snow's cousin and a klutzy farmgirl version of Chrissy. Somers continued to receive star billing and occasionally appeared in the tag (final 2 minutes) of certain episodes. Even with Somers' final appearance occurring midseason (in the episode And Baby Makes Four) and with Somers' character, Chrissy, never being mentioned again, the opening titles continued to have Somers' name until the end of the season. By that time, the producers realized that Harrison didn't quite have the stage presence to replace the highly-popular Somers. For the sixth season a new blonde room mate Terri Alden (Priscilla Barnes), a non-ditzy nurse, took Cindy's place in the apartment. Harrison was retained in the show and this time given star credit, however she now had a lesser role, appearing less frequently in the series acting as maid in the apartment while actually living at UCLA. By the end of the season Harrison's character was deemed obsolete, and with no explanation, Cindy Snow disappeared from the series.

Harrison later portrayed Jamie Ewing on the hit drama Dallas. She was a recurring character in the series, first appearing in the episode titled Jamie and exiting in one titled The BBQ. Her character was killed off.

As of 2005, Harrison is starring on infomercials.

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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Three's Company (1977) ... Cindy Snow (1980-1982)

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