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Larry The Cable Guy

Birth Date: February 17, 1963 / Age: 55
Birth Place: Pawnee City, Nebraska, USA
Also Credited as: Dan Whitney

Biography: Dan "Git-R-Done" Whitney (born February 17, 1963 in Pawnee City, Nebraska), better known by the stage name Larry the Cable Guy, is one of the co-stars on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and the subsequent series Blue Collar TV. He is also the voice of Mater the tow truck in Pixar's animated movie Cars.

Larry was a radio comedian, working with Ron and Fez on the syndicated "Ron and Ron Show," before hooking up with the Blue Collar Boys. His trademarks are "redneck" style humor delivered while speaking in a thick Southern accent, recounting bizarre stories about his family, and the phrase "Git-R-Done!" Often at his acts, some woman yells out that she loves him. He usually responds by saying "I told you to wait in the truck."

He has been criticized by some other comedians, such as David Cross, who described the popularity of Whitney's "antigay, racist humor" as an example of the current state of "vague American values and anti-intellectual pride" in the United States. In an interview, Whitney responded to common criticisms of him as racist or insensitive by saying those people can "kiss my ass", stating that even the targets of his race-based humor attend his shows and enjoy themselves.

Dan Whitney himself has become somewhat of an enigma; all biographies of him describe only the fictional life of Larry the Cable Guy, and he almost never speaks out of his 'Larry' voice. A would-be-revealing documentary about his backstage life during stand-up tours was planned but then dropped from the "Git-R-Done" DVD.

Recently, he can be seen featured in Gretchen Wilson's music video for the song "All Jacked Up", playing dual roles as himself and a transvestite bar patron. The album of the same name will be released at the end of September.

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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