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Picture Credit: Yahoo! TV

Eric Mabius

Birth Date: April 21, 1971 / Age: 46
Birth Place: Pennsylvania, USA
Also Credited as: Eric H.T. Mabius

Biography: Eric Mabius (born April 21, 1971) is an American actor from Pennsylvania. Mabius began his career in 1995 with Welcome to the Dollhouse, an art-house movie followed by I Shot Andy Warhol in 1996. Before his film career took off, Mabius went to Sarah Lawrence College some time in the early nineties learning about film and other artistic aspects. Mabius was also involved in The Crow franchise on more than one occassion. The more well known fact is that Mabius played Alex Corvis in the third installment The Crow: Salvation. The lesser known fact is that in 1993 before filming the original Crow Mabius auditioned for one of the roles as one of Top Dallars' henchman. The actor who got the role was, ironically the one who accidentally shot and killed Brandon Lee who played the main character Eric Draven. Mabius' most famous role to date was playing the cop in Resident evil.

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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