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Paris Hilton

Birth Date: February 17, 1981 / Age: 36
Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA

Biography: Paris Whitney Hilton (born February 17, 1981 in New York City) is an American heiress of the Hilton Hotel fortune, a socialite, model, singer, actress, and writer. She is commonly described as a "celebutante," a portmanteau of "celebrity" and "debutante"; in other words, "famous for being famous."

She is the eldest of four children born to Richard Hilton and Kathy Richards. Her younger sister is Nicky Hilton, and younger brothers are Barron Hilton and Conrad Hilton.

On the maternal side of her family, Hilton is a niece of two popular child stars of the 1970s, Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, who appeared in the motion picture Escape to Witch Mountain and TV shows like Nanny and the Professor, Little House on the Prairie, and later, ER.

Her paternal grandparents are Barron Hilton and Marilyn Hawley. Barron Hilton is the second child of Hilton Hotel founder Conrad Hilton and Mary Barron. When Conrad Hilton died in 1979, he left nothing in his will to his children or other descendents. Barron Hilton contested this, and won in 1988. According to Forbes magazine in 2005, the net worth of Barron Hilton is estimated at just over US $1 billion, of which Paris is expected to inherit over US $50 million.

Hilton moved between several exclusive homes in her youth, including a suite in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan, Beverly Hills, and the Hamptons. Currently, her parents own a $10 million mansion in Bel Air, a $6.3 million estate in the Hamptons, as well as $3 million house in the Hollywood Hills in which Paris and her sister Nicky stay to give them privacy and easy access to LA clubs.

After attending high school at the Dwight School in New York, Paris decided not to go to a university. Instead, she worked as a fashion model for Catherine Malandrino and Marc Bouwer, and on an ad campaign for Italian label Iceberg. She did cameo roles in Zoolander (2001) and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! (2004).

What really shot her to fame/notoriety was a sex video of Paris with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, was leaked onto the Internet, shortly before The Simple Life debuted, causing a sensation. On June 9, 2004 it was released as a DVD titled 1 Night in Paris which was hosted by Salomon. Paris sued Salomon for releasing the tape, but the suit was settled, with Hilton receiving US $400,000 and a percentage of the profits, which were donated to charity.

In recent years Paris has gained notoriety by appearing in television, movies, commercials, and modeling. According to Forbes magazine, in 2003-2004 she earned approximately US$2 million for her television and movie roles, but in 2004-2005 her earnings from television, movies, modeling, and personal appearances have earned her an additional $6.5 million. During this period Forbes Magazine has ranked Paris as one top 100 celebrities in the world.

She also appeared in the short subjects QIK2JDG and L.A. Knights, as well as minor and supporting roles in the feature movies House of Wax, The Hillz, Wonderland, Uptown Girls, Raising Helen, The Cat in the Hat and Nine Lives. She landed her first lead role in a theatrical release with National Lampoon's Pledge This! (2005).

Paris with Nicole Richie, starred in the 2003 FOX hit reality series The Simple Life, in which they lived with a family on their farm in rural Altus, Arkansas. Highlights of the show included the girls performing poorly at various jobs, making out with the local boys, and numerous instances of them shown as "fish out of water." On March 19, 2004, she suffered a horseback riding accident while filming The Simple Life 2, requiring treatment at a hospital. Following the success of the first season of The Simple Life, Paris is now being paid around US$3 million per season for the Simple Life.

Paris Hilton parodied on the satirical cartoon, South Park.She was also the subject of a South Park episode entitled "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" in which she opens a store called "Stupid Spoiled Whore" selling girls everything they need to emulate her.

In November 2004, Paris participated in Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' Vote or Die campaign, to encourage youths to vote in the Presidential election. She drew criticism when it was revealed she did not vote, nor had she even registered to do so. Ironically, Paris would somewhat fulfill her theoretical obligation to "die" when the promoters of her film, House of Wax, employed a notorious "See Paris die" advertisement campaign, highlighting the death scene of her character in the film.

On top of her acting career, she has also helped to design purses for Samantha Thavasa and Toys for Tots and has created her own jewelry line for Currently, her design work earns Paris around US$250,000 per year. Despite her successes, Hilton's recent attempts to start a modeling company and a makeup line seem to have been unsuccessful.

She is the founder of Heiress Records, a label on which she plans to release her debut album in 2005, tenatively titled Paris is Burning. Her first single entitled 'Screwed' has been leaked to the internet and has been remixed by Alex G. Her producer for the album will be Jane Wiedlin from The Go-Go's. Paris will also be working with Scott Storch. She will be covering Blondie's hit 'Heart of Glass' for her album. Paris describes the album as pop and rock, a cross between Blondie and Madonna.

Paris is often photographed with her teacup Chihuahua named Tinkerbell. According to Tinkerbell's memoirs The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries, she has been owned by Paris since October 31, 2002. However, in the summer of 2005 Hilton reportedly gave Tinkerbell to her mother, in favor of a smaller dog named Bambi after Tinkerbell had become too heavy.

It is rumored that Paris Hilton has booked a $200,000 flight aboard a Virgin Galactic spacecraft, which in 2008 will take her to suborbital space, thus making her the youngest astronaut in history. Many other celebrities such as William Shatner and Sigourney Weaver have also been booked to be among the first riders in the exciting new world of "space tourism."

Biography Credit: Wikipedia

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