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Picture Credit:

Peter Coyote

Birth Date: October 10, 1942 / Age: 75
Birth Place: Colver, Pennsylvania, USA
Also Credited as: Peter Cohon


> TV Credits

Starring/Leading Roles

The 4400 (2004) ... Dennis Ryland (2004)
The Inside (2005) ... Special Agent Virgil "Web" Webster

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> Trivia/Information/Fun Facts

With Peter unseen (as in voiceovers or radio adverts), his voice is strongly reminiscent of that of Henry Fonda.

Along with Glenn Close, he narrarated the opening ceremony of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah.

Before becoming an actor at the age of 39, Peter Coyote spent 15 years in the counter-culture of the 60s. Coyote wrote a memoir of that time called "Sleeping Where I Fall". It has sold 5 hardback printings and is in its second paperback edition. "Carla's Story", a chapter from the book, won the Pushcart Prize for Excellence in Non-Fiction in 1993/1994.

Tested for the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).

He was one of the organizers of a group of twelve students who traveled to Washington, DC during the Cuban Missile crisis supporting President Kennedy's "peace race." President Kennedy invited the group into the White House (the first time protesters had ever been so recognized) and they met for several hours with McGeorge Bundy.

Was a member of the Radically political theatre performance troupe "The San Francisco Mime Troupe"

Graduated with a B.A in English literature in 1964

Given the actor's unusual second name, it's ironic that, prior to his acting career, he once plucked chickens for a living

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