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> Gabor, Eva ("Green Acres")

> Gabriel, John ("The Mary Tyler Moore Show")

> Gade, Ariel ("Invasion")

> Gaffney, Jason ("Sliders")

> Gagnier, Holly ("Pacific Blue")

> Gagnon, Trevor ("Old Christine")

> Gago, Jenny ("Freddie")

> Gail, Max ("Sons & Daughters / Sons and Daughters")

> Gaile, Jeri ("Dallas")

> Gaines, Jimmy ("Andy Williams Show")

> Gaines, Boyd ("One Day at a Time")

> Gainey, M.C. ("Pepper Dennis")

> Gaither, Daniele ("MADtv")

> Galecki, Johnny ("Roseanne")

> Galifianakis, Zach ("Tru Calling / Heroine / Tru / True Calling")

> Gallagher, Meg ("Dallas")

> Gallagher, David ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> Gallagher, Joanna ("Jack & Bobby / Jack and Bobby")

> Gallagher (I), Peter ("The O.C.")

> Gallner, Kyle ("Big Love")

> Gallo, Carla ("Carnivale")

> Gallop, Frank ("The Buick Circus Hour")

> Gandolfini, James ("The Sopranos / Sopranos")

> Gann, Merrilyn ("Everwood")

> Gannascoli, Joseph R. ("The Sopranos / Sopranos")

> Gant, Robert ("Queer as Folk / Queer as Folk USA")

> Garant, Ben ("Reno 911!")

> Garavaglia, Jan ("Dr. G: Medical Examiner")

> Garber, Terri ("Dynasty")

> Garber, Victor ("Alias")

> Garcia, Luis Armand ("George Lopez / The George Lopez Show")

> Garcia, Nina ("Project Runway")

> Garcia, Jorge ("Lost")

> Garcia, Scarlet ("Beauty And The Geek")

> Garcia (I), Joanna ("Reba / Deep in the Heart / Family Planning / Sally")

> Gardenia, Vincent ("All in the Family")

> Gardner, Ashley ("King of the Hill")

> Gardner, Jay ("Buck Rogers In the 25th Century")

> Gardner, Hy ("To Tell the Truth")

> Garel, Saskia ("One on One")

> Garfinkle, Gayle ("Tripping The Rift")

> Gargan, William ("Martin Kane, Private Eye")

> Garland, Beverly ("My Three Sons")

> Garlin, Jeff ("Curb Your Enthusiasm")

> Garlington, Lee ("Everwood")

> Garner, Paul ("SurfSide 6")

> Garner, Jennifer ("Alias")

> Garofalo, Janeane ("Felicity")

> Garret, Hank ("G.I. Joe")

> Garrett, Hank ("Car 54, Where Are You?")

> Garrett, Betty ("Laverne & Shirley")

> Garrett, Brad ("Everybody Loves Raymond")

> Garrison, Mary Catherine ("Inconceivable")

> Garth, Jennie ("What I Like About You")

> Garver, Kathy ("Family Affair")

> Garwood, Kelton ("Bourbon Street Beat")

> Gasman, David ("Code Lyoko / Code: Lyoko")

> Gates, Ruth ("Mama")

> Gates, Nancy ("The Millionaire / If You Had a Million")

> Gautier, Richard ("G.I. Joe")

> Gavin, James ("Big Valley")

> Gayheart, Rebecca ("Dead Like Me")

> Gayle, Tina ("CHiPs")

> Gayle, Erica ("Perfect Strangers")

> Geczy, Matthew ("Code Lyoko / Code: Lyoko")

> Geddes, Barbara Bel ("Dallas")

> Gegenhuber, John ("Earth2")

> Gehring, Ted ("Dallas")

> Gehringer, Linda ("Evening Shade")

> Gellar, Sarah Michelle ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Gelman, Larry ("The Bob Newhart Show")

> Genadry, Michael ("Ed / Stuckeyville")

> Genge, Paul ("Mr. Lucky")

> Genovese, Mike ("The Flash")

> Gentry, Bobbie ("The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour")

> George, Sue ("Father Knows Best")

> George, Jason ("Eve")

> George, Christopher ("The Immortal (1970, ABC)")

> George, Melissa ("Alias")

> George, Christopher

> Gerard, Gil ("Buck Rogers In the 25th Century")

> Gerber, Joan ("DuckTales")

> Gerety, Peter ("Homicide: Life on the Street")

> Germann, Greg ("Ally McBeal")

> Gerritsen, Lisa ("Phyllis")

> Gerroll, Daniel ("Sisters")

> Gershon, Gina ("Tripping The Rift")

> Gerstle, Frank ("Gangbusters")

> Gertz, Jami ("Still Standing")

> Gets, Malcolm ("Caroline in the City")

> Getty, Estelle ("Empty Nest")

> Getty, Balthazar ("Ghost Whisperer")

> Getz, Ileen ("Third Rock From the Sun / 3rd Rock")

> Gevedon, Stephen ("Oz")

> Ghostley, Alice ("Designing Women")

> Giacomo, Laura San ("Just Shoot Me")

> Giamatti, Marcus ("Flying Blind")

> Gibbs, Marla ("227")

> Gibson, Thomas ("Criminal Minds")

> Gibson, Virginia ("Your Hit Parade")

> Gibson (II), Charles ("Primetime Live")

> Gilbert, Melissa ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Gilbert, Jonathan ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Gilbert, Ed ("G.I. Joe")

> Gilbert, Sara ("Twins")

> Gilbert, Jody ("Life with Luigi")

> Gill, Thea ("Queer as Folk / Queer as Folk USA")

> Gillen, Aidan ("The Wire")

> Gillette, Anita ("Quincy, M.E.")

> Gilliam, Terry

> Gilliam, Seth ("The Wire")

> Gilliard Jr., Larry ("The Wire")

> Gilliland, Richard ("Designing Women")

> Gilpin, Peri ("Frasier")

> Gilsig, Jessalyn ("Boston Public")

> Gilyard Jr., Clarence ("CHiPs")

> Ging, Jack ("Tales of Wells Fargo")

> Giovinazzo, Carmine ("CSI: New York")

> Girard, Henry ("The Aldrich Family")

> Gish, Annabeth ("The X-Files")

> Givens, Robin ("Head of the Class")

> Givney, Kathryn ("My Three Sons")

> Glaser, Paul Michael ("Starsky And Hutch")

> Glass, Ron ("Firefly")

> Glass, Ned ("Peter Gunn / Gunn for Hire")

> Glatz, Ilse von ("War of the Worlds")

> Glau, Summer ("Firefly")

> Glaudini, Lola ("Criminal Minds")

> Glazer, Eugene ("La Femme Nikita")

> Gleason, Jackie ("The Jackie Gleason Show")

> Gleason, Marilyn ("The Jackie Gleason Show")

> Gless, Sharon ("Thick And Thin")

> Glover, John ("Smallville")

> Goaz, Harry ("Eerie, Indiana")

> Gobel, George ("Harper Valley P.T.A.")

> Godard, Joel ("Late Night with Conan O'Brien")

> Goddard, Paul ("Farscape")

> Goddard, Trevor ("JAG")

> Goddard, Mark ("Lost in Space")

> Godfrey, Lynnie ("704 Hauser")

> Goelz, Dave ("The Muppet Show")

> Goggins, Walton ("The Shield")

> Goins, Jesse D. ("The Greatest American Hero")

> Gold, Tracey ("Growing Pains")

> Gold, Louise ("The Muppet Show")

> Gold, Missy ("Benson")

> Gold, Elon ("Stacked")

> Goldberg, Whoopi ("Captain Planet and the Planeteers")

> Goldberg, Adam ("Head Cases")

> Goldfinger, Michael

> Goldsbie, Jake

> Goldsmith, Jonathan ("Dallas")

> Goldstein, Jonathan

> Gomes, Larissa ("In Justice")

> Gomez, Thomas ("Life with Luigi")

> Gomez, Ian ("Jake In Progress")

> Gomez (II), Rick ("What About Brian")

> Gomez-Preston, Reagan ("Love, Inc.")

> Gonsalves, Steve ("Ghost Hunters")

> Gonzales, Melissa ("Ghostwriter")

> Gonzales-Gonzales, Pedro ("The Texan")

> Gonzalez, Alvaro ("Daria")

> Gonzalez, B.W.

> Goodeve, Grant ("Eight is Enough")

> Goodfriend, Lynda ("Happy Days")

> Goodier, Robert ("Strange Paradise")

> Gooding Jr., Cuba ("I Love The 80's")

> Goodman, Dody ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Goodman, Burt ("America's Funniest People")

> Goodman, John ("Father Of The Pride")

> Goodman, Len ("Dancing with the Stars")

> Goodwin, Bill ("The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show")

> Goodwin, Kia ("227")

> Goodwin, Ginnifer ("Big Love")

> Goorjian, Michael A. ("Party of Five")

> Goranson, Lecy ("Roseanne")

> Gordon, Phil ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Gordon, Gale ("Here's Lucy")

> Gordon, Roy ("The Millionaire / If You Had a Million")

> Gordon-Levitt, Joseph ("Third Rock From the Sun / 3rd Rock")

> Gore II, George O. ("My Wife And Kids")

> Gorham, Christopher ("Out of Practice")

> Gorman, Mari ("Harper Valley P.T.A.")

> Gormley, Jim ("Car 54, Where Are You?")

> Gorshin, Frank ("The Batman")

> Goss, Fred ("Sons & Daughters / Sons and Daughters")

> Gosselaar, Mark-Paul ("NYPD Blue")

> Gossett, Robert ("The Closer (2005)")

> Gough, Lloyd ("The Green Hornet")

> Gould, Chester ("To Tell the Truth")

> Gould, Sid ("Here's Lucy")

> Gould, Harold ("Rhoda")

> Gould-Porter, Arthur ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Govich, Milena ("Love Monkey")

> Grace, Topher ("That 70's Show / That '70s Show")

> Grace, Maggie ("Lost")

> Grady, Don ("My Three Sons")

> Graham, Ronny ("Chico and the Man")

> Graham, Gary ("Alien Nation")

> Graham, Currie ("NYPD Blue")

> Graham, Aubrey

> Graham, Tim ("The Smith Family")

> Graham, Lauren ("Gilmore Girls")

> Graham (I), Heather ("Emily's Reasons Why Not")

> Grammer, Kelsey ("Frasier")

> Grandstaff, Tracy ("Daria")

> Grandy, Fred ("Love Boat")

> Granik, Jon ("Strange Paradise")

> Grant, Charles ("Dallas")

> Grant, Faye ("The Greatest American Hero")

> Grant, Amy L. ("Three Wishes")

> Grassle, Karen ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Grauer, Ben ("The Big Story")

> Gray, Billy ("Father Knows Best")

> Gray, Robert ("Harper Valley P.T.A.")

> Gray, Bruce ("Head of the Class")

> Gray, Linda ("Dallas")

> Gray, Ramona ("Survivor")

> Gray, Erin ("Silver Spoons")

> Gray, Dolores ("The Buick Circus Hour")

> Gray, Elspet ("The Black Adder")

> Gray-Stanford, Jason ("Monk")

> Grayden, Sprague ("Over There")

> Greaza, Walter ("Treasury Men in Action")

> Green, Vince ("Punk'd")

> Green, Jenna Leigh ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")

> Green, Seth ("Four Kings")

> Green, Lynda Mason ("War of the Worlds")

> Green, Brian Austin ("Freddie")

> Green, George ("Trailer Park Boys")

> Green, Johnny ("My So-Called Life")

> Green (II), Anthony ("Supernanny")

> Greenberg (II), Bryan ("One Tree Hill")

> Greenbush, Lindsay ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Greenbush, Sidney ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Greene, Lorne ("Battlestar Galactica (1978)")

> Greene, Shecky ("Combat!")

> Greene, Robert ("The Merv Griffin Show")

> Greenfield, Max ("Modern Men / Men Behaving Better")

> Greenhalgh, Dawn ("Strange Paradise")

> Greer, Brodie ("CHiPs")

> Greer, Dabbs ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Greer, Judy ("Love Monkey")

> Gregg, Virginia ("General Electric Theater / General Electric Theatre")

> Gregory, James ("Barney Miller")

> Gregory, Benji ("ALF")

> Gregory, Dorian ("Charmed")

> Grenier, Adrian ("Entourage")

> Gretsch, Joel ("The 4400")

> Grieco, Richard ("21 Jump Street")

> Grier, Roosevelt ("Daniel Boone")

> Grier, Pam ("The L Word / Earthlings")

> Gries, Jon ("The Pretender")

> Grieve, Russ ("Charlie's Angels")

> Griffin, Kathy ("I Love The 80's")

> Griffin, Merv ("The Merv Griffin Show")

> Griffin, Khamani ("All of Us")

> Griffith, Andy ("The Andy Griffith Show")

> Griffith, Melanie ("Twins")

> Griffith, Jason Anthony ("Mew Mew Power")

> Griffiths, Rachel ("Six Feet Under")

> Griggs, John ("The Joey Bishop Show")

> Grimaldi, Dan ("The Sopranos / Sopranos")

> Grimes, Scott ("American Dad")

> Grimes, Shenae

> Grimes, Jack ("The Aldrich Family")

> Grinnell, Todd ("Four Kings")

> Groener, Harry ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Grogan, Clare ("Red Dwarf")

> Groh, David ("Rhoda")

> Gross, Michael ("Family Ties")

> Gross, Mary ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")

> Gross, Dr. Mason ("Two for the Money")

> Gross, Ayre ("Wildfire")

> Grossman, Leslie Erin ("What I Like About You")

> Grove, Betty Ann ("The Red Buttons Show")

> Grove, Christopher ("Inconceivable")

> Grover, Edward ("Baretta")

> Gruenberg, Axel ("This Is Your Life")

> Grunberg, Greg ("Felicity")

> Grybe, Stig ("DuckTales")

> Guardino, Jerome ("Car 54, Where Are You?")

> Gubler, Matthew Gray ("Criminal Minds")

> Guerra, Saverio ("Becker")

> Guerrero, Evelyn ("Dallas")

> Gugino, Carla ("Threshold")

> Guilbert, Ann Morgan ("The Dick Van Dyke Show")

> Guilfoyle, Paul ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation")

> Guilliaume, Robert ("Benson")

> Guinan, Francis ("Eerie, Indiana")

> Gummersall, Devon ("Roswell")

> Gunn, Anna ("Deadwood")

> Gunn (I), Sean ("Gilmore Girls")

> Gunton, Bob ("Pepper Dennis")

> Gury, Andy ("Dance Party USA")

> Guthrie, Shary ("Earth: Final Conflict")

> Guy, Jasmine ("Dead Like Me")

> Guzmán, Luis ("Oz")

> Gwynne, Fred ("The Munsters")

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