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> Ice-T, ("Law And Order: Special Victims Unit")

> Idle, Eric

> Iler, Robert ("The Sopranos / Sopranos")

> Imahara, Grant ("MythBusters")

> Imershein, Deirdre ("Dallas")

> Imperioli, Michael ("The Sopranos / Sopranos")

> Inaba, Carrie Ann ("Dancing with the Stars")

> Ingkatanuwat, Nick ("Aqua Teen Hunger Force")

> Innes, Laura ("ER")

> Intiraymi, Manu ("Star Trek: Voyager")

> Irby, Michael ("The Unit")

> Ironside, Michael ("seaQuest DSV ( and 2032 )")

> Irving, Amy ("Alias")

> Irwin, Tom ("My So-Called Life")

> Irwin, Sirena ("SpongeBob SquarePants / Spongeboy Squarepants")

> Irwin (I), Jennifer ("Still Standing")

> Isacksen, Peter ("C.P.O. Sharkey")

> Ish, ("Pimp My Ride")

> Ishibashi, Brittany ("E-Ring")

> Ishinabe, Yutake ("Iron Chef")

> Ito, Brian ("Lamb Chop's Play-Along")

> Ito, Robert ("Quincy, M.E.")

> Itzin, Gregory ("Eerie, Indiana")

> Ivar, Stan ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Ivey, Dana

> Ivey, Lela

> Ivey, Monteria ("The Chris Rock Show")

> Ivey, Judith ("Designing Women")

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