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> Kaczmarak, Marta ("Wild Kat")

> Kaczmarek, Jane ("Malcolm In The Middle")

> Kaga, Takeshi ("Iron Chef")

> Kahan, Judith ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Kahan, Richard ("The 4400")

> Kahoano, Ikaika ("Making The Band")

> Kain, Khalil ("Girlfriends")

> Kake, Patrick ("Cleopatra 2525")

> Kalember, Patricia ("Sisters")

> Kamano, Stacy ("Baywatch")

> Kamm, Kris ("Coach")

> Kampmann, Steve ("Newhart")

> Kanakaredes, Melina ("CSI: New York")

> Kanaly, Steve ("Dallas")

> Kane, Tom ("Star Wars : The Clone Wars")

> Kane, Christian ("Close to Home")

> Kane, Carol ("Taxi")

> Kapelos, John ("Forever Knight")

> Kaplan, Marvin ("Alice")

> Kaplan, Gabe ("Welcome Back Kotter")

> Kapture, Mitzi ("Baywatch")

> Karlen, John ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Karnes, Jay ("The Shield")

> Kartheiser, Vincent ("Angel")

> Karvelas, Robert ("Get Smart")

> Kasch, Cody ("Desperate Housewives")

> Kasey, Paul ("Doctor Who (2005)")

> Kassir, John ("CatDog")

> Katsulas, Andreas ("Babylon 5")

> Katt, Nicky ("The Evidence")

> Katt, William ("The Greatest American Hero")

> Katz, Omri ("Eerie, Indiana")

> Kaufman, Andy ("Taxi")

> Kaufman, David ("Danny Phantom")

> Kavelaars, Ingrid ("Jeremiah")

> Kavner, Julie ("The Simpsons")

> Kawaye, Janice ("Captain Planet and the Planeteers")

> Kay, Dianne ("Eight is Enough")

> Kaye, Toni ("The Carol Burnett Show")

> Kaye, Danny ("The Danny Kaye Show")

> Kayser, Beau ("The Young and the Restless")

> Keach Sr., Stacy ("Titus")

> Keale, Moe ("Hawaii Five-0 / Hawaii Five-O")

> Keanan, Staci ("Step by Step")

> Kearns, Joseph ("Dennis the Menace")

> Keating, Larry ("Mister Ed")

> Keating, Dominic ("Star Trek: Enterprise")

> Keaton, Joshua ("Step by Step")

> Keefe, Delaney ("Jake In Progress")

> Keegan, Andrew ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> Keel, Howard ("Dallas")

> Keen, Malcolm ("Mama")

> Keeshan, Robert ("Captain Kangaroo")

> Keith, Byron ("77 Sunset Strip")

> Keith, Brian ("Family Affair")

> Keith, Richard ("I Love Lucy")

> Kelk, Jackie ("The Aldrich Family")

> Kelley, DeForest ("Star Trek")

> Kelley, Barry ("Big Town / City Assignment / Headline / Heart of the City")

> Kelley, Malcolm David ("Lost")

> Kellogg, Ray ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Kelly, Terry ("Captain Kangaroo")

> Kelly, Jack ("The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries")

> Kelly, Brendan ("Acapulco H.E.A.T.")

> Kelly, Moira ("One Tree Hill")

> Kelly, Lisa Robin ("That 70's Show / That '70s Show")

> Kelly, Paula ("Night Court")

> Kelly, Joanne ("Jeremiah")

> Kelly, Shelia ("Sisters")

> Kelly, Chris J. ("Wanted")

> Kelly (II), Derek ("Third Watch")

> Kemmer, Ed ("Space Patrol / Satellite Police")

> Kenichi, Chen ("Iron Chef")

> Kennedy, Bill ("Adventures of Superman")

> Kennedy, Douglas ("Big Valley")

> Kennedy, George ("Dallas")

> Kennedy, Lindsay ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Kennedy, Mimi ("Dharma And Greg")

> Kennedy, Jayne ("The Dean Martin Show")

> Kennedy, Page ("Pepper Dennis")

> Kenney, Kerri ("Reno 911!")

> Kenniff, Sean ("Survivor")

> Kenny, Tom ("The Batman")

> Kent, Allegra

> Kent, Heather Paige ("Stark Raving Mad")

> Kercheval, Ken ("Dallas")

> Kerns, Sandra ("Charles in Charge")

> Kerns, Joanna ("Growing Pains")

> Kerr, Stu ("Captain Kangaroo")

> Kerr, Elizabeth ("Mork & Mindy")

> Kerr, Edward ("What I Like About You")

> Kerrigan, Sheila ("Strong Medicine")

> Kesten, Brad ("The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show")

> Ketchum, David ("Get Smart")

> Keymáh, T'Keyah Crystal ("That's So Raven")

> Khali, Simbi ("Third Rock From the Sun / 3rd Rock")

> Kidman, Nicole

> Kiernan, Carol ("Pepper Dennis")

> Kilbane, Pat ("MADtv")

> Kilborn, Craig ("The Daily Show")

> Kilian, Victor ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Kilner, Kevin ("Earth: Final Conflict")

> Kim, Daniel Dae ("Lost")

> Kim, Yoon-jin ("Lost")

> Kimmins, Kenneth ("Coach")

> Kind, Richard ("Head Cases")

> King, Regina ("Leap Of Faith")

> King, Vanessa ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids")

> King, Wright ("Logan's Run")

> King, Ted ("Charmed")

> King, Peggy ("The George Gobel Show")

> King, Carl ("Two for the Money")

> King, Mabel ("What's Happening")

> King, Jaime ("Kitchen Confidential")

> King, Rowena ("Half & Half / Half and Half")

> King, Kendahl ("Medium")

> Kingsford, Walter ("Science Fiction Theatre")

> Kingston, Katie ("Daria")

> Kingston, Alex ("ER")

> Kinney, Kathy ("The Drew Carey Show")

> Kinney, Michael

> Kinney, Terry ("Oz")

> Kinsella, Walter ("Martin Kane, Private Eye")

> Kinsey, Angela ("The Office (UK) / The Office: An American Workplace (USA)")

> Kippel, Shane ("Degrassi: The Next Generation")

> Kirby, Bruce ("Kojak")

> Kirby, Durward ("The Garry Moore Show / The Garry Moore Evening Show")

> Kirchenbauer, Bill ("Growing Pains")

> Kirchner, Jaime Lee ("Just Legal")

> Kirk, Joe ("The Abbott and Costello Show")

> Kirk, Phyllis ("The Red Buttons Show")

> Kirkland, Mirabelle ("Code Lyoko / Code: Lyoko")

> Kirshner, Mia ("The L Word / Earthlings")

> Kiser, Terry ("The Roller Girls (1978)")

> Kitaen, Tawny ("America's Funniest People")

> Kitchen, Michael ("Faking It")

> Kiviaho, Rik ("Andromeda / Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda")

> Kline, Richard ("Three's Company")

> Klous, Pat ("Love Boat")

> Klug, Joel ("Survivor")

> Klugman, Jack ("Quincy, M.E.")

> Klum, Heidi ("Project Runway")

> Knepper, Robert ("Carnivale")

> Knight, Christopher ("The Brady Bunch")

> Knight, Ted ("Mary Tyler Moore")

> Knight, Gladys ("Celebrity Sweepstakes")

> Knight, Don ("The Immortal (1970, ABC)")

> Knight, T.R. ("Grey's Anatomy")

> Knight, Wayne ("Xiaolin Showdown")

> Knobs, Brian ("Hogan Knows Best")

> Knotts, Don ("Three's Company")

> Knowles, Beyoncé ("I Love The 80's")

> Knoxville, Johnny ("Jackass")

> Kobe, Masahiko ("Iron Chef")

> Kodjoe, Boris ("Soul Food")

> Koechner, David ("Still Standing")

> Koenig, Andrew ("Growing Pains")

> Koenig, Walter ("Star Trek")

> Komack, James ("Courtship of Eddie")

> Kopell, Bernie ("Love Boat")

> Kopins, Karen ("Dallas")

> Korman, Harvey ("The Carol Burnett Show")

> Kors, Michael ("Project Runway")

> Korthaze, Richard ("Jackass")

> Kosick, Rick

> Kosterman, Mitchell ("Smallville")

> Kotto, Yaphet ("Homicide: Life on the Street")

> Kovacs, Jonathan Hall ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Kovacs, Bela ("Space Patrol / Satellite Police")

> Kove, Martin ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Krakowski, Jane ("Ally McBeal")

> Kramer, Michael Eric ("War of the Worlds")

> Kramer, Claire ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Krasinski, John ("The Office (UK) / The Office: An American Workplace (USA)")

> Kratochvil, Tom ("Wonder Woman")

> Krause, Brian ("Charmed")

> Krause, Peter ("Six Feet Under")

> Kravits, Jason ("The Practice")

> Krebs, Susan ("Head of the Class")

> Krenn, Sherrie ("The Facts of Life")

> Kreuk, Kristin ("Smallville")

> Krige, Alice ("Deadwood")

> Kristen, Marta ("Lost in Space")

> Kroft, Steve ("60 Minutes")

> Kruger, Otto ("Lux Video Theatre / Summer Video Theatre")

> Krumholtz, David ("Numbers / Numb3rs")

> Kudrow, Lisa ("Friends")

> Kuehl, Sheila James ("The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis")

> Kuhl, Randy ("Gentle Ben")

> Kulesa, Tommy ("The First 48")

> Kulky, Henry ("Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea")

> Kulp, Nancy ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Kunis, Mila ("Family Guy")

> Kuroda, Emily ("Gilmore Girls")

> Kurtz, Swoosie ("Sisters")

> Kurtzman, Katy

> Kutcher, Ashton ("Punk'd")

> Kuter, Kay E. ("Green Acres")

> Kwanten, Ryan ("Summerland")

> Kypri, Theo ("E-Ring")

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