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> La Grua, Tom ("Caroline in the City")

> La Morte, Robia ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> La Nasa, Katherine ("Love Monkey")

> La Rue, Lash ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> La Torre, Tony ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Labine, Tyler ("Invasion")

> Laborteaux, Matthew ("Little House on the Prairie")

> LaBove, Josh ("The Magic School Bus")

> LaBrie, Donna ("Benson")

> Labyorteaux, Patrick ("JAG")

> Lachey, Nick

> LaCroix, Donna ("Ghost Hunters")

> Lacy, Preston ("Jackass")

> Ladd, Diane ("Alice")

> Ladd, Cheryl ("Las Vegas")

> Ladd, Margaret ("Falcon Crest")

> Ladman, Cathy ("Caroline in the City")

> Lafferty, James ("One Tree Hill")

> Lagasse, Emeril ("Emeril Live")

> Lahey, Meghan ("The Babysitters Club")

> Lahti, Christine ("Jack & Bobby / Jack and Bobby")

> Lai, Vivian ("Dexter's Laboratory")

> Lai, Katie

> Laire, Judson ("Mama")

> Laith, Khalid ("Spooks (UK) / MI-5 (USA)")

> Lake, Florence ("The Smith Family")

> Lakin, Christine ("Step by Step")

> LaMarche, Maurice ("Tripping The Rift")

> LaMarr, Phil ("Rescue Me")

> Lamas, Lorenzo ("Falcon Crest")

> Lamb, Claudia ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Lambert, Gloria ("Sing Along with Mitch")

> Lambert (II), Jerry ("Sons & Daughters / Sons and Daughters")

> Lambing, Bill ("Beauty And The Geek")

> Lamont, Duncan ("The Texan")

> LaMotta, John ("ALF")

> Lancaster, Burt ("COPS")

> Lancaster, Sarah ("Everwood")

> Lanchester, Elsa ("The Bill Cosby Show")

> Landau, Juliet

> Landau, Martin ("The Evidence")

> Lander, David L. ("Pacific Blue")

> Landers, Judy ("B.J. and the Bear")

> Landers, Audrey ("Dallas")

> Landers, Muriel ("Life with Luigi")

> Landesberg, Steve ("Barney Miller")

> Landgard, Janet ("The Donna Reed Show")

> Lando, Brian ("Designing Women")

> Landon, Michael ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Landon, Leslie ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Landry, Ali ("Eve")

> Landry, Kim ("Touched by an Angel")

> Landsberg, David ("C.P.O. Sharkey")

> Landsman, Jay ("The Wire")

> Lane, Allan ("Mister Ed")

> Lane, Ken ("The Dean Martin Show")

> Lane, Nancy ("Rhoda")

> Lane, Mills ("Celebrity Deathmatch / MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch")

> Lane Jr., Teddy ("Strong Medicine")

> Lang, Dena ("Strong Medicine")

> Lange, Artie ("MADtv")

> Lange, Ted ("Love Boat")

> Langer, A.J. ("My So-Called Life")

> Langford, Frances ("The Perry Como Show / Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall / The Chesterfield Supper Club")

> Langsdale, Keith ("Ghostwriter")

> Lansbury, Angela

> Lansing, Joi ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Lansing, Robert ("The Equalizer")

> Lanson, Snooky ("Your Hit Parade")

> Lanteau, William ("Newhart")

> Lanter, Matt ("Commander in Chief / Commander-in-Chief")

> LaPaglia, Anthony ("Without A Trace")

> LaPlaca, Alison ("The John Larroquette Show")

> Larch, John ("Dallas")

> Lark, Maria ("Medium")

> Larroquette, John ("The John Larroquette Show")

> Larry The Cable Guy, ("Blue Collar TV")

> Larson, Jack ("Adventures of Superman")

> Lascher, David ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")

> LaSelva, Anita ("Earth: Final Conflict")

> Lasorsa-Simon, Jordan ("The 4400")

> Lasser, Louise ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Lating, Manfred ("Rat Patrol")

> Latulipe, Ray ("NYPD Blue")

> Lau, Wesley ("Perry Mason")

> Laudani, Nora ("Daria")

> Lauer, Andrew ("Caroline in the City")

> Lauren, Tammy ("Dave's World")

> Lauren, Rachel ("Jake In Progress")

> Laurie, Piper ("Twin Peaks")

> Laurie, Hugh ("House")

> Lauter, Ed ("B.J. and the Bear")

> Lauter, Harry ("Zane Grey Theater / Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater / The Westerners")

> Lavin, Linda ("Alice")

> LaVorgna, Adam ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> Lawless, Lucy ("Xena: Warrior Princess")

> Lawless, Rick ("Herman's Head")

> Lawlor, John ("The Facts of Life")

> Lawrance, Debra ("Home and Away")

> Lawrence, Steve ("The Carol Burnett Show")

> Lawrence, Vicki ("The Carol Burnett Show")

> Lawrence, David ("Bewitched")

> Lawrence, Greg ("Bewitched")

> Lawrence, Scott ("JAG")

> Lawrence, Sharon ("NYPD Blue")

> Lawrence, Mort ("Strike It Rich")

> Lawrence, Elliot ("The Red Buttons Show")

> Lawrence, Carolyn ("SpongeBob SquarePants / Spongeboy Squarepants")

> Lawrence, Douglas "Mr." ("SpongeBob SquarePants / Spongeboy Squarepants")

> Laws, Barry ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Lawson, Byron ("Jeremiah")

> Lawson, Bianca ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Lawson, Det. Greg ("The First 48")

> Lawson, Maggie ("Crumbs")

> Layne, Stefanie ("Daria")

> Lazenby, George ("The Adventures of Superboy")

> Lea, Nicholas ("The X-Files")

> Lea, Ron ("Doc")

> Leach, Nicole ("The Bell Telephone Hour")

> Leachman, Cloris ("The Facts of Life")

> Leacock (II), Richard ("Doc")

> Leal, Sharon

> Leary, Brianne ("CHiPs")

> Leary, Denis ("Rescue Me")

> Leavenworth, Scotty ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> LeBerger, Alena ("Reba / Deep in the Heart / Family Planning / Sally")

> LeBerger, Gabrielle ("Reba / Deep in the Heart / Family Planning / Sally")

> LeBlanc, Matt ("Joey")

> Ledford, Judy ("The A-Team")

> Ledford, Brandy ("Andromeda / Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda")

> Lee, Johnny ("Amos 'n' Andy")

> Lee, John ("The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis")

> Lee, Sheryl ("Twin Peaks")

> Lee, Cosette ("Strange Paradise")

> Lee, Angela ("The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show")

> Lee, Bruce ("The Green Hornet")

> Lee, Alexondra ("Party of Five")

> Lee, Justin

> Lee, Robert ("MythBusters")

> Lee, George ("Fawlty Towers")

> Lee, Jason ("My Name Is Earl")

> Lee, Will Yun

> Lee (III), Julia ("Freebirds / Free Birds")

> Leeshock, Robert ("Earth: Final Conflict")

> Leeves, Jane ("Misconceptions")

> LeGault, Lance ("The A-Team")

> LeGros, James ("Ally McBeal")

> Lehman, Kristin ("Killer Instinct / The Gate")

> Lehne, John ("Charlie's Angels")

> Lehne, Fredric ("Lost")

> Leibfried, Scott ("Hell's Kitchen (USA)")

> Leigh, Chyler ("Reunion")

> Leisure, David ("Empty Nest")

> Lembeck, Michael ("One Day at a Time")

> Lembeck, Helaine ("Welcome Back Kotter")

> Lenk, Tom ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Lennix, Harry J. ("Commander in Chief / Commander-in-Chief")

> Lennon, Thomas ("Reno 911!")

> LeNoire, Rosetta ("Family Matters")

> Lenz, Bethany Joy ("One Tree Hill")

> Leo, Melissa ("Homicide: Life on the Street")

> Leonard, Robert Sean ("House")

> Leonetti, Tommy ("Your Hit Parade")

> Leoni, Tea ("The Naked Truth")

> Lerman, April ("Charles in Charge")

> Lerman, Logan ("Jack & Bobby / Jack and Bobby")

> Lerner, Fred

> Lerner, Ken ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> LeRoi, Ali ("The Chris Rock Show")

> Lescoulie, Jack ("The Jackie Gleason Show")

> Leslie, William ("The Lineup")

> Leslie, Ewen ("Wild Kat")

> Lester, Ketty ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Lestor, Tom ("Green Acres")

> Lesure, James ("Las Vegas")

> Leto, Jared ("My So-Called Life")

> Letscher, Matt ("Almost Perfect")

> Letterman, David

> Levenson, Sam ("Two for the Money")

> Levering, Kate ("Kevin Hill")

> Leversee, Loretta ("The Aldrich Family")

> Levi, Zachary ("Less Than Perfect")

> Levin, Charles ("Alice")

> Levin, Maureen

> Levin, Darlene

> Levine, Robert ("Monk")

> Levine, Ted

> Levine, Samm ("Freaks and Geeks")

> Levy, Eugene ("Second City TV")

> Lewis, Dawnn ("Futurama / Aloa Mars! / Doomsville")

> Lewis, Ray ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Lewis, Al ("The Munsters")

> Lewis, Jenna ("Survivor")

> Lewis, Toni ("Homicide: Life on the Street")

> Lewis, Shari ("Lamb Chop's Play-Along")

> Lewis, Sean ("Punk'd")

> Lewis, Jeannette ("Tales from the Crypt")

> Lewis, Andrea

> Lewis, David ("Lights Out")

> Lewis, Clea ("Flying Blind")

> Lewis, Clea

> Lewis, Richard ("Curb Your Enthusiasm")

> Lewis, Jenifer ("Strong Medicine")

> Lewis, Robert Q. ("To Tell the Truth")

> Libertini, Richard ("Soap")

> Licht, Matthew ("Perfect Strangers")

> Lieb, Robert P. ("My Three Sons")

> Lieber, Paul ("Barney Miller")

> Lien, Jennifer ("Star Trek: Voyager")

> Lightfoot, Leonard ("Silver Spoons")

> Lilienfield, Tracy

> Lilley, Jack ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Lilley, Richard ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Lillis, Rachael ("Mew Mew Power")

> Lilly, Evangeline ("Lost")

> Lime, Yvonne ("The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis")

> Limon, Iyari ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Linden, Hal ("Barney Miller")

> Linder, Kate ("The Young and the Restless")

> Lindley, Audra ("The Ropers")

> Lindsay, Paul ("ER")

> Lindsey, George ("The Andy Griffith Show")

> Ling, Lisa ("I Love The 80's")

> Linh, Deborah

> Linke, Paul ("CHiPs")

> Linkletter, Art ("Kids Say the Darndest Things")

> Linn-Baker, Mark ("Twins")

> Linville, Larry ("M*A*S*H")

> Linville, Matthew ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> Lipnicki, Jonathan ("The Jeff Foxworthy Show")

> Lipper, David ("Full House")

> Lippin, Renée ("The Bob Newhart Show")

> Lipton, Peggy ("Twin Peaks")

> LisaRaye, ("All of Us")

> Lisi, Joe ("Third Watch")

> Lisk, Angelica ("Earth: Final Conflict")

> Lissauer, Trevor ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")

> Lithgow, John ("Third Rock From the Sun / 3rd Rock")

> Lithgow, Ian ("Third Rock From the Sun / 3rd Rock")

> Litowsky, Paul ("Hope & Faith / Hope and Faith")

> Little, Shon ("Everybody Hates Chris")

> Little, Natasha ("Spooks (UK) / MI-5 (USA)")

> Liu, Lucy ("Futurama / Aloa Mars! / Doomsville")

> Liu, Linlyn

> Lively, Eric ("Modern Men / Men Behaving Better")

> Livingston, Barry ("My Three Sons")

> Livingston, Stanley ("My Three Sons")

> Livingston, Ron ("The Practice")

> Llewellyn, Robert ("Red Dwarf")

> Lloyd, Christopher ("Stacked")

> Lloyd, Eric ("Jesse")

> Lloyd, Sabrina ("Numbers / Numb3rs")

> Lloyd, Harold ("This Is Your Life")

> Lobel, Mike

> Locke, Tembi ("Sliders")

> Locke, Mike "Pancho" ("Team Sanchez")

> Lockhart, Anne ("Battlestar Galactica (1978)")

> Lockhart, June ("Lost in Space")

> Lockhart, Gene ("Lux Video Theatre / Summer Video Theatre")

> Locklear, Heather ("Spin City")

> Lofton, Cirroc ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine")

> Logan, Robert ("Daniel Boone")

> Logan, James ("Strong Medicine")

> Lombard, Karina ("The L Word / Earthlings")

> Lombardi, Michael ("Rescue Me")

> Lombardi, Louis ("24 / 24 Hours")

> Lombardozzi, Domenick ("The Wire")

> Lomond, Britt ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> London, Jeremy ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> London, Dirk ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> London, Jason ("Wildfire")

> Long, Richard ("Big Valley")

> Long, Shelley ("Cheers")

> Long, Nia ("Third Watch")

> Long, Justin ("Ed / Stuckeyville")

> Long (II), Matt ("Jack & Bobby / Jack and Bobby")

> Longet, Claudine ("Rat Patrol")

> Longley, Mitch ("Las Vegas")

> Longo, Tony ("Alice")

> Longoria, Eva ("Desperate Housewives")

> Lookinland, Mike ("The Brady Bunch")

> López, David ("Ghostwriter")

> López, Mario ("I Love The 80's")

> Lopez, Marco ("Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea")

> Lopez (I), George ("George Lopez / The George Lopez Show")

> Lord, Jack ("Hawaii Five-0 / Hawaii Five-O")

> Lord, Phillips ("Gangbusters")

> Loring, Lisa ("The Addams Family")

> Loring, Estelle ("Stop the Music")

> Loring, Lynn ("The F.B.I.")

> Lorne, Marion ("The Garry Moore Show / The Garry Moore Evening Show")

> Loudon, Dorothy ("The Garry Moore Show / The Garry Moore Evening Show")

> Loughlin, Lori ("Summerland")

> Louis-Dreyfus, Julia ("Old Christine")

> Louise, Tina ("Dallas")

> Love, Taylor ("Soul Food")

> Lovejoy, Deirdre ("The Wire")

> Lovett, Norman ("Red Dwarf")

> Low, Carl ("Armstrong Circle Theatre")

> Lowe, Rob ("The West Wing")

> Lowell, Tom ("Combat!")

> Lowell, Christopher ("It's Christopher Lowell")

> Lowell, Carey ("Law And Order")

> Lowell, Scott ("Queer as Folk / Queer as Folk USA")

> Lowell, Chris ("Life As We Know It")

> Lowens, Curt ("Wonder Woman")

> Lowery, Marcella ("Ghostwriter")

> Lowry, Judith ("Phyllis")

> Lucas, Clyde ("The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries")

> Lucas, Matt ("Star Wars : The Clone Wars")

> Lucas, Jessica ("Life As We Know It")

> Lucci, Susan ("Dallas")

> Lucescu, Steve ("La Femme Nikita")

> Lucio, Shannon ("The O.C.")

> Lucking, William ("The A-Team")

> Luft, Lorna ("Trapper John M.D.")

> Luhr, John ("Jesse")

> Lui, Elaine ("Dexter's Laboratory")

> Lui, Andrea ("Instant Star")

> Lumbly, Carl ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Lumley, Joanna ("Absolutely Fabulous")

> Lundigan, William ("Climax / Climax Mystery Theater")

> Lusha, Masiela ("George Lopez / The George Lopez Show")

> Lutes, Eric ("Caroline in the City")

> Luttrell, Erica ("The Magic School Bus")

> Luttrell, Rachel ("Stargate: Atlantis")

> Lydon, Jimmy ("The Gale Storm Show / Oh Susanna")

> Lyn, Dawn ("My Three Sons")

> Lynch, John Carroll ("Close to Home")

> Lynde, Paul ("The Red Buttons Show")

> Lynley, Carol ("The Immortal (1970, ABC)")

> Lynn, Betty ("The Andy Griffith Show")

> Lynn, John ("Daria")

> Lynn, Susie ("Daria")

> Lyte, MC ("Half & Half / Half and Half")

> Lytell, Bert ("Philco TV Playhouse")

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