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> Sabatino, Michael ("NYPD Blue")

> Sabato Jr., Antonio ("Earth2")

> Sabella, Ernie ("Perfect Strangers")

> Sachs, Robin

> Sachs, Andrew ("Fawlty Towers")

> Sackhoff, Katee ("Battlestar Galactica (2003)")

> Sadler, William ("Roswell")

> Safer, Morley ("60 Minutes")

> Sagal, Katey ("Futurama / Aloa Mars! / Doomsville")

> Sage, David ("Dallas")

> Saget, Bob ("America's Funniest Home Videos / AFHV")

> Sainsbury, Amber ("")

> Saito, Keiko ("Iron Chef")

> Sakai, Hiroyuki ("Iron Chef")

> Salcedo, Maryann ("Hell's Kitchen (USA)")

> Salconi, Michael ("The Wire")

> Salerno, Charlene ("The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet")

> Salinger, Diane ("Carnivale")

> Salle, Eriq ("ER")

> Salmi, Albert ("Daniel Boone")

> Salmon, Colin ("")

> Salt, Jennifer ("Soap")

> Salter, Harry ("Stop the Music")

> Samms, Emma ("Dynasty")

> Sanchez, Sabrina ("Lamb Chop's Play-Along")

> Sanchez, Marco ("seaQuest DSV ( and 2032 )")

> Sanchez, Otto ("Oz")

> Sanchez, Roselyn

> Sanchez, Kiele ("Related")

> Sanderlin Sr., Russell ("The Adventures of Superboy")

> Sanders, Ajai ("A Different World")

> Sanders, Beverly ("C.P.O. Sharkey")

> Sanderson, William ("Deadwood")

> Sandoval, Miguel ("Medium")

> Sandvoss, Steve ("The Inside")

> Sanford, Isabel ("The Jeffersons")

> Sanford, Ralph ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Sansom, Ken ("Charlie's Angels")

> Santiago, Saundra ("Miami Vice")

> Sarabia, Ric ("War of the Worlds")

> Sargent, Dick ("Bewitched")

> Sasso, Will ("Less Than Perfect")

> Sattels, Barry ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Saunders, Lew ("CHiPs")

> Saunders, Nicholas ("Martin Kane, Private Eye")

> Saunders, Jennifer ("Absolutely Fabulous")

> Saunders, Mary Jane ("Tales of Wells Fargo")

> Savage, Tracie ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Savage, Ben ("Boy Meets World")

> Savage, Adam ("MythBusters")

> Savage, John ("Carnivale")

> Savage, Fred ("Crumbs")

> Savalas, Telly ("Kojak")

> Savalas, George ("Kojak")

> Savant, Doug ("Desperate Housewives")

> Savre, Danielle ("Summerland")

> Sawaltha, Julie ("Absolutely Fabulous")

> Sawyer, Diane ("Primetime Live")

> Scaff, Barbara ("Code Lyoko / Code: Lyoko")

> Scales, Prunella ("Fawlty Towers")

> Scalia, Jack ("Dallas")

> Scalies, Charley

> Scarabelli, Michele ("Alien Nation")

> Scarpelli, Glenn ("One Day at a Time")

> Schaal, Wendy ("American Dad")

> Schaal, Richard ("Phyllis")

> Schachter, Felice ("The Facts of Life")

> Schadler, Jay ("Primetime Live")

> Schafer, Natalie ("Gilligan's Island")

> Schaffel, Lauren ("Still Standing")

> Schallert, William ("The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries")

> Schatz, Mike ("Aqua Teen Hunger Force")

> Schedeen, Anne ("ALF")

> Scheer, Mary ("MADtv")

> Scheider, Roy ("seaQuest DSV ( and 2032 )")

> Schell, Ronnie ("The Jim Nabors Hour")

> Schemmel, Sean ("Mew Mew Power")

> Schiegl, Kurt ("Strange Paradise")

> Schiff, Marty ("Dallas")

> Schiff, Richard

> Schillaci, Sgt. Joe ("The First 48")

> Schilling, William G. ("Head of the Class")

> Schlafer, Maurice ("Celebrity Deathmatch / MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch")

> Schmid, Kyle ("Beautiful People")

> Schmidt, Christina ("Degrassi: The Next Generation")

> Schneider, Dan ("Head of the Class")

> Schneider, John ("Smallville")

> Schoenberg, Jeremy ("The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show")

> Schofield, Annabel ("Dallas")

> Schooly-D, ("Aqua Teen Hunger Force")

> Schram, Bitty ("Monk")

> Schreck, Vicki ("")

> Schreiber, Pablo ("The Wire")

> Schrier, Paul ("Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Day of the Dumpster / Mighty Morph'n Power Rangers")

> Schroder, Rick ("NYPD Blue")

> Schuller, Christina ("Laguna Beach / Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County")

> Schultz, Dwight ("CatDog")

> Schulze, Paul ("24 / 24 Hours")

> Schumz, Dieter

> Schwenz, Willy ("Daria")

> Schwimmer, David ("Friends")

> Scoggins, Tracy ("Crusade")

> Scolari, Peter ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids")

> Scolaro, Brian ("Stacked")

> Scorer, Andrew ("War of the Worlds")

> Scott, Martha ("Dallas")

> Scott, Lucien ("The Bob Newhart Show")

> Scott, Jacques ("Ann Sothern Show")

> Scott, Joey ("Leave it to Beaver")

> Scott, Debralee ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Scott, Melody ("The Young and the Restless")

> Scott, Adam ("Party of Five")

> Scott, Geoffrey ("Dynasty")

> Scott, Pippa ("Mr. Lucky")

> Scott, Joe ("Mr. Lucky")

> Scott, Jacqueline ("The Fugitive")

> Scott, Josey ("Wanted")

> Scotti, Vito ("Life with Luigi")

> Scozzarella, Philip ("Oz")

> Scruggs, Earl ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Scurti, John ("Rescue Me")

> Seagram, Lisa ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Seagren, Bob ("Soap")

> Seales, Franklyn ("Amen")

> Sealy-Smith, Alison ("X-Men")

> Sean Maguire, Sean Maguire

> Searcy, Nick ("Rodney / That's Just Rodney")

> Seay, James ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Secor, Kyle ("Veronica Mars")

> Seda, Jon ("Kevin Hill")

> Sedan, Rolfe ("The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show")

> Sedgwick, Kyra ("The Closer (2005)")

> Seehorn, Rhea ("Everything I Know About Men")

> Seel, Charles ("Gunsmoke")

> Segal, George ("Just Shoot Me")

> Segall, Pamela ("King of the Hill")

> Segel, Jason ("How I Met Your Mother")

> Seinfeld, Jerry ("Benson")

> Seinfeld, Evan ("Oz")

> Sekely, Les ("America's Funniest People")

> Selby, Sarah ("Gunsmoke")

> Selby, David ("Falcon Crest")

> Sellecca, Connie ("The Greatest American Hero")

> Selleck, Tom ("Magnum, P.I.")

> Sepe, Michelle ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Serano, Greg ("Wildfire")

> Serbedzija, Rade ("Surface")

> Server, Eric ("B.J. and the Bear")

> Sevigny, ChloŽ ("Big Love")

> Sexton, Tommy ("CODCO")

> Seyfried, Amanda ("Big Love")

> Seymour, Jane ("Modern Men / Men Behaving Better")

> Shaan, Morgan ("Space Patrol / Satellite Police")

> Shackelford, Ted ("Dallas")

> Shafer, Alyssa ("The Unit")

> Shahi, Sarah ("The L Word / Earthlings")

> Shaiman, Marc

> Shalhoub, Tony ("Monk")

> Shanks, Michael ("Stargate SG-1")

> Shannon, Michael ("Wonder Woman")

> Shannon, Richard ("Zane Grey Theater / Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater / The Westerners")

> Shannon, Polly ("What About Brian")

> Sharbutt, Del ("Your Hit Parade")

> Sharma, Barbara ("Rhoda")

> Sharp, Saundra ("Wonder Woman")

> Sharp, Keesha ("Girlfriends")

> Shatner, William ("Star Trek")

> Shaughnessy, Charles ("Living with Fran / Robbing the Cradle / Shacking Up / So Wrong / Untitled Jamie Kennedy Project")

> Shavers, China ("Boston Public")

> Shaw, Reta ("Ann Sothern Show")

> Shaw, Jovita Lee ("Mirror Mirror 2")

> Shaw, Kristen ("Commander in Chief / Commander-in-Chief")

> Shaw, Ivan ("Book Of Daniel / The Book Of Daniel")

> Shawkat, Alia ("Arrested Development")

> Shawlee, Joan ("The Abbott and Costello Show")

> Shayne, Robert ("Adventures of Superman")

> Shayne, Cari ("Party of Five")

> Shea, Joey ("Ghostwriter")

> Shea, Dan ("Stargate SG-1")

> Shearer, Al ("Punk'd")

> Shearer, Harry ("The Simpsons")

> Sheen, Martin ("The West Wing")

> Sheen, Charlie ("Two And A Half Men")

> Sheffer, Craig ("One Tree Hill")

> Sheldon, Jack ("The Merv Griffin Show")

> Shellen, Stephen ("La Femme Nikita")

> Shelley, Joshua ("B.J. and the Bear")

> Shelley, Rachel ("The L Word / Earthlings")

> Shelton, Deborah ("Dallas")

> Shenkarow, Justin ("Eerie, Indiana")

> Shepard, Richmond ("The Merv Griffin Show")

> Shepard, Dax ("Punk'd")

> Shepard, Vonda ("Ally McBeal")

> Shepard, Bob ("To Tell the Truth")

> Shepherd, Chaz ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> Shepherd, Mark Allen ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine")

> Shepherd, Cybill ("Cybill")

> Shepherd, Sherri ("Less Than Perfect")

> Sheppard, William Morgan ("seaQuest DSV ( and 2032 )")

> Shera, Mark ("Barnaby Jones")

> Sheridan, Liz ("ALF")

> Sheridan, Rondell ("That's So Raven")

> Sheridan, Nicollette ("Desperate Housewives")

> Sheridan, Jamey ("Law And Order : Criminal Intent")

> Sheridan, Dan ("Lawman / The Lawman")

> Sheridan, Ann ("To Tell the Truth")

> Sheridan, Lisa ("Invasion")

> Sheridan (I), Dave ("Freebirds / Free Birds")

> Sherman, Gayle ("Pepper Dennis")

> Sherry, Bob ("Armstrong Circle Theatre")

> Sherwood, Bobby ("The Red Buttons Show")

> Shields, Blake ("Carnivale")

> Shimerman, Armin ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Shipp, John ("Dawson's Creek")

> Shipp, Mary ("Life with Luigi")

> Shor, Dan ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Shore, Roberta ("Father Knows Best")

> Short, Martin ("Second City TV")

> Shortridge, Stephen

> Shove, Yvonne ("Nanny 911")

> Show, Grant ("Melrose Place")

> Shreve, Tracy ("Doc")

> Shriner, Herb ("Two for the Money")

> Shroyer, Sonny ("Dukes of Hazzard")

> Shue, Andrew ("Melrose Place")

> Shulman, Michael ("Party of Five")

> Sibbett, Jane ("Herman's Head")

> Sicily, ("One on One")

> Sickler, Rich ("The Inside")

> Siddig, Alexander ("Star Trek: Deep Space Nine")

> Sie, James ("Jackie Chan Adventures")

> Siebert, Charles ("Trapper John M.D.")

> Sierra, Gregory ("Soap")

> Sierra, Margarita ("SurfSide 6")

> Sigismondi, Barry ("Strong Medicine")

> Silla, Felix ("Buck Rogers In the 25th Century")

> Silo, Susan ("Xiaolin Showdown")

> Silver, Michael B. ("Beautiful People")

> Silver, Ron ("Veronica")

> Silver, Joe ("The Red Buttons Show")

> Silver, Borah ("Kojak")

> Silvers, Phil ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Silvers, Cathy ("Happy Days")

> Simcoe, Anthony ("Farscape")

> Simmons, Henry ("NYPD Blue")

> Simmons, Jaason ("Baywatch")

> Simmons, J.K. ("The Closer (2005)")

> Simms, Phillip ("C.P.O. Sharkey")

> Simms, Hal ("To Tell the Truth")

> Simms, Hank ("The Fugitive")

> Simon, Hugh ("Spooks (UK) / MI-5 (USA)")

> Simpson, Ashlee ("The Ashlee Simpson Show")

> Simpson, Joe ("The Ashlee Simpson Show")

> Simpson, Tina ("The Ashlee Simpson Show")

> Sims, Molly ("Las Vegas")

> Sinatra, Nancy ("The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour")

> Sinatra Jr., Frank ("The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour")

> Sinbad, ("A Different World")

> Sinclair, Mary ("Studio One")

> Sinclair, Madge ("Trapper John M.D.")

> Singer, Marc ("Dallas")

> Sinise, Gary ("CSI: New York")

> Sirico, Tony ("The Sopranos / Sopranos")

> Sirtis, Marina ("20/20")

> Sisto, Jeremy ("Six Feet Under")

> Sivad, Darryl ("The Naked Truth")

> Six, Sean ("Alien Nation")

> Skinner, Edna ("Mister Ed")

> Sky, Jennifer ("Cleopatra 2525")

> Slade, Mark ("The Rookies")

> Slaten, Troy W. ("Cagney & Lacey")

> Slater, Kelly ("Baywatch")

> Slattery, Richard X. ("C.P.O. Sharkey")

> Slattery, John ("Jack & Bobby / Jack and Bobby")

> Slavin, Jonathan ("Summerland")

> Sloane, Lindsay ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")

> Sloane, Robert ("The Big Story")

> Sloane, Everett ("Climax / Climax Mystery Theater")

> Slotnick, Joey ("Boston Public")

> Smaniotto, Solomon ("Dallas")

> Smart, Jean ("Designing Women")

> Smart, Amy ("Felicity")

> Smiley, Tish ("Tales from the Crypt")

> Smith, Roger ("77 Sunset Strip")

> Smith, Patricia ("The Bob Newhart Show")

> Smith, Hal ("DuckTales")

> Smith, Jaclyn ("Charlie's Angels")

> Smith, Alexis ("Dallas")

> Smith, Queenie ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Smith, Toukie ("227")

> Smith, Mary ("Almost Perfect")

> Smith, William ("Hawaii Five-0 / Hawaii Five-O")

> Smith, Alan ("The Jamie Foxx Show")

> Smith, Kerr ("Dawson's Creek")

> Smith, Peter James ("The West Wing")

> Smith, Jacob ("Party of Five")

> Smith, Kurtwood ("That 70's Show / That '70s Show")

> Smith, Yeardley ("Herman's Head")

> Smith, Shawnee

> Smith, Howard ("The Aldrich Family")

> Smith, Paul ("The Doris Day Show")

> Smith, Makyla ("Queer as Folk / Queer as Folk USA")

> Smith, Evan ("Life As We Know It")

> Smith, Mike ("Trailer Park Boys")

> Smith, Cedric ("X-Men")

> Smith, Leland ("What's Happening")

> Smith, Cotter ("Night Stalker / The Night Stalker")

> Smith, Phyllis ("The Office (UK) / The Office: An American Workplace (USA)")

> Smith, Kellita ("The Bernie Mac Show")

> Smith, Jaden ("All of Us")

> Smith, Lauren Lee ("The L Word / Earthlings")

> Smith, Brady ("Everything I Know About Men")

> Smith, Kavan ("The 4400")

> Smith (I), Gregory ("Everwood")

> Smith (VI), Douglas ("Big Love")

> Smithers, William ("Dallas")

> Smits, Jimmy ("NYPD Blue")

> Smollett, Jurnee ("Full House")

> Smothers, Tom ("The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour")

> Smothers, Dick ("The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour")

> Smulders, Cobie ("How I Met Your Mother")

> Snively, Robert ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Snyder, Liza ("Jesse")

> Snyder, Dana ("Aqua Teen Hunger Force")

> Sobel, Barry ("227")

> Sode-Matteson, Laura ("Hawaii Five-0 / Hawaii Five-O")

> Sofer, Oren ("Ghostwriter")

> Sogliuzzo, Andre ("Star Wars : The Clone Wars")

> Sohn, Sonja ("The Wire")

> Sokoloff, Marla ("Modern Men / Men Behaving Better")

> Solano, Jose ("Baywatch")

> Soleil, Gabby ("Half & Half / Half and Half")

> Solomon, Bruce ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Somerhalder, Ian ("Lost")

> Somers, Suzanne ("Candid Camera")

> Somerville, Bonnie ("Kitchen Confidential")

> Soo, Jack ("Barney Miller")

> Sooter, Rudy ("Gunsmoke")

> Sorbo, Kevin ("I Love The 80's")

> Sorg, Ann ("The Aldrich Family")

> Sorkin, Arleen ("America's Funniest People")

> Sorvino, Paul ("Law And Order")

> Sothern, Ann ("Ann Sothern Show")

> Soucie, Kath ("Danny Phantom")

> Soul, David ("Starsky And Hutch")

> Soule, Olan ("My Three Sons")

> Sowerby, Jane ("Instant Star")

> Spade, David ("The Showbiz Show with David Spade")

> Spader, James ("The Practice")

> Spang, Laurette ("Battlestar Galactica (1978)")

> Sparks, Hal ("Queer as Folk / Queer as Folk USA")

> Spears, Aries ("MADtv")

> Speedman, Scott ("Felicity")

> Spelling, Tori ("Beverly Hills 90210")

> Spencer, John ("The West Wing")

> Spencer, Jesse ("House")

> Spencer, Norm ("X-Men")

> Spencer, Danielle ("What's Happening")

> Sperling, Lillian ("Nanny 911")

> Spiegel, Sarah ("Living with Fran / Robbing the Cradle / Shacking Up / So Wrong / Untitled Jamie Kennedy Project")

> Spiner, Brent ("Threshold")

> Spolar, Antoinette ("Curb Your Enthusiasm")

> Sprang, Alan ("Earth: Final Conflict")

> Springer, Gary ("The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries")

> Springfield, Rick

> Spurlock, Morgan ("30 Days")

> St-Onge, Guylaine ("Earth: Final Conflict")

> St. John, Nicole ("Futurama / Aloa Mars! / Doomsville")

> St. John, Austin ("Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Day of the Dumpster / Mighty Morph'n Power Rangers")

> St. Patrick, Mathew ("Reunion")

> Staahl, Jim ("Mork & Mindy")

> Stacy, James ("The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet")

> Stacy (II), David ("30 Days")

> Stahl, Lesley ("60 Minutes")

> Stahl, Nick ("Carnivale")

> Stait, Brent ("Andromeda / Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda")

> Staite, Jewel ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids")

> Staite, Jewel ("Firefly")

> Staley, Joan ("77 Sunset Strip")

> Staley, James ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Stalmaster, Lynn ("Big Town / City Assignment / Headline / Heart of the City")

> Stamberg, Josh ("Love Monkey")

> Stamos, John ("Jake In Progress")

> Stamp, Terence ("Smallville")

> Stanis, BernNadette ("Good Times")

> Stanley, Florence ("Barney Miller")

> Stanley, Kim ("Goodyear TV Playhouse")

> Stanton, Bob ("Gillette Cavalcade of Sports")

> Stanton, Dan ("Eerie, Indiana")

> Stanton, Molly ("Twins")

> Stanton, Harry Dean ("Big Love")

> Stanwyck, Barbara ("Big Valley")

> Stapleton, Jean ("Archie Bunker's Place")

> Stark, Cindy ("Dance Party USA")

> Stark, Don ("That 70's Show / That '70s Show")

> Stark, Dick ("The Perry Como Show / Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall / The Chesterfield Supper Club")

> Starke, Todd ("The Doris Day Show")

> Starr, Don ("Dallas")

> Starr, Fredro

> Starr, Martin ("Freaks and Geeks")

> Starr, Mike ("Ed / Stuckeyville")

> Starzyk, David ("Close to Home")

> Stearns, Jeff ("Pacific Blue")

> Stebbings, Peter ("Jeremiah")

> Steben, Karyne ("Carnivale")

> Steben, Sarah ("Carnivale")

> Steele, Cassie ("Degrassi: The Next Generation")

> Steele, Alex

> Steele, Bob ("F Troop")

> Steen, Jessica ("Killer Instinct / The Gate")

> Steenburgen, Mary ("Joan of Arcadia")

> Steeples, Eddie ("My Name Is Earl")

> Steffen, Sirry ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Steffin, Jennifer ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Steffin, Michelle ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Stein, Ron ("Charlie's Angels")

> Stempel, Herb ("Twenty-One")

> Stephens, Gale

> Stephenson, John ("Treasury Men in Action")

> Stepto, Amanda ("Degrassi: The Next Generation")

> Sterling, Phillip ("Sisters")

> Steve-O, ("Jackass")

> Stevens, Andrew ("Dallas")

> Stevens, Craig ("Dallas")

> Stevens, Robert 'Rusty' ("Leave it to Beaver")

> Stevens, Shadoe ("Dave's World")

> Stevens, Mark ("Big Town / City Assignment / Headline / Heart of the City")

> Stevens, Julie ("The Avengers")

> Stevens, Naomi ("The Doris Day Show")

> Stevens III, William ("Adam-12 / Adam 12")

> Stevenson, Parker ("Baywatch")

> Stevenson, McLean ("M*A*S*H")

> Stevenson, Cynthia ("Dead Like Me")

> Stevenson, Ray ("Rome")

> Stewart, Nick ("Amos 'n' Andy")

> Stewart, Charlotte ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Stewart, Jon ("The Daily Show")

> Stewart, Jilana ("Pacific Blue")

> Stewart, Patrick ("Star Trek: The Next Generation")

> Stewart, French ("Misconceptions")

> Stewart, Sandy ("Sing Along with Mitch")

> Stewart, Martha ("The Apprentice: Martha Stewart")

> Stewart, Thomas W. ("The Wire")

> Stewart (II), Josh ("Third Watch")

> Stiers, David Ogden ("The Dead Zone")

> Stiles, Ryan ("Whose Line Is It Anyway")

> Stiller, Jerry ("The King of Queens")

> Stillman, Stacey ("Survivor")

> Stock, Barbara ("Dallas")

> Stock-Poynton, Amy ("Dallas")

> Stocker, John ("X-Men")

> Stockman, Boyd ("Tales of Wells Fargo")

> Stoller, Caitilin ("Beauty And The Geek")

> Stoltz, Eric ("Chicago Hope")

> Stone, Christopher ("Harper Valley P.T.A.")

> Stone, Milburn ("Gunsmoke")

> Stone, Stuart ("The Magic School Bus")

> Stone, Carol ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Stone, Matt ("South Park")

> Stoneman, Heather ("The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show")

> Storch, Larry ("The Looney Tunes Show")

> Storm, Gale ("The Gale Storm Show / Oh Susanna")

> Stormare, Peter ("Prison Break")

> Story, Ralph ("The $64,000 Challenge")

> Stossell, John ("20/20")

> Strange, Glenn ("Gunsmoke")

> Strange, Sarah ("Life As We Know It")

> Strassman, Marcia ("Welcome Back Kotter")

> Strickland, Amzie ("Treasury Men in Action")

> Stringfield, Sherry ("ER")

> Strode, Woody ("Tarzan")

> Stromer, Eric A. ("Three Wishes")

> Stromsoe, Fred ("Adam-12 / Adam 12")

> Strong, Tara ("Danny Phantom")

> Strong, Danny ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Strong, Rider ("Pepper Dennis")

> Stroud, Don ("Police Woman")

> Struthers, Sally ("Gilmore Girls")

> Struycken, Carel

> Stryker, Bradley ("Over There")

> Stuart, Randy ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Stults, Geoff ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> Stults, George ("7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven")

> Suarez, Jeremy ("The Bernie Mac Show")

> Suazo, Chloe ("Freddie")

> Sudano, Brooklyn ("My Wife And Kids")

> Sudduth, Skipp ("Third Watch")

> Sullivan, Nicole ("Hot Properties")

> Sullivan, Nancy

> Sullivan, Erik Per ("Malcolm In The Middle")

> Sullivan, Susan ("Dharma And Greg")

> Sullivan (I), Kyle ("The War at Home")

> Summer, Cree ("Danny Phantom")

> Summer, Laura ("Hello Kitty")

> Summers, Hope ("The Andy Griffith Show")

> Summers, Yale ("Daktari")

> Sunjata, Daniel ("Rescue Me")

> Suplee, Ethan ("My Name Is Earl")

> Susi, Carol Ann ("Out of Practice")

> Susilovic, Jean Philippe ("Hell's Kitchen (USA)")

> Susman, Todd ("Newhart")

> Sutherland, Kristine ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Sutherland, Kevin ("Alias")

> Sutherland, Kiefer ("24 / 24 Hours")

> Sutherland, Donald ("Commander in Chief / Commander-in-Chief")

> Sutherland, Catherine ("Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Day of the Dumpster / Mighty Morph'n Power Rangers")

> Sutton, Frank ("The Jim Nabors Hour")

> Swank, Hillary ("Beverly Hills 90210")

> Swansburg, Jim ("Trailer Park Boys")

> Swartz, Tony ("Battlestar Galactica (1978)")

> Swayze, John Cameron ("To Tell the Truth")

> Sweeney, D.B. ("Life As We Know It")

> Sweetin, Jodie ("Full House")

> Swenson, Karl ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Swenson, Inga ("Benson")

> Swit, Loretta ("M*A*S*H")

> Switzer, Carl ("Little Rascals")

> Sykes, Wanda ("Curb Your Enthusiasm")

> Sypek, Ryan ("Wildfire")

> Szarabajka, Keith ("The Equalizer")

> Szmanda, Eric ("CSI: Crime Scene Investigation")

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