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> T, Mr. ("The A-Team")

> Tacker, Francine ("Dallas")

> Takada, Mayuko ("Iron Chef")

> Takei, George ("Star Trek")

> Tal, Alana

> Talbot, Lyle ("Leave it to Beaver")

> Talbot, Stephen

> Talbot, Nita ("Bourbon Street Beat")

> Talbott, Michael ("Miami Vice")

> Talbott, Gloria ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Tallman, Patricia ("Babylon 5")

> Talman, William ("Perry Mason")

> Tamberelli, Danny ("The Magic School Bus")

> Tamblyn, Amber ("Joan of Arcadia")

> Tambor, Jeffrey ("Arrested Development")

> Tan, Bernard ("Dexter's Laboratory")

> Tanimura, Aya ("Boston Public")

> Tannen, William ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Tanner, Richard

> Tapper, Zoe ("")

> Tapping, Amanda ("Stargate SG-1")

> Tarasco, Sam ("Trailer Park Boys")

> Tarkington, Rockne ("Tarzan")

> Tarr, Justin ("Rat Patrol")

> Tata, Joe E. ("Beverly Hills 90210")

> Tate, Sharon ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Tate, Larenz ("Love Monkey")

> Tayback, Vic ("Alice")

> Taylor, Buck ("Gunsmoke")

> Taylor, Deborah Marie ("Dallas")

> Taylor, Meshach ("Dave's World")

> Taylor, Renée ("Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman")

> Taylor, Russi ("DuckTales")

> Taylor, Trip ("Jackass")

> Taylor, James ("The Powerpuff Girls")

> Taylor, Tamara ("Party of Five")

> Taylor, Vaughn ("Robert Montgomery Presents")

> Taylor, James Arnold ("Drawn Together")

> Taylor, Holland ("Two And A Half Men")

> Taylor, Veronica ("Mew Mew Power")

> Taylor (I), Regina ("The Unit")

> Taylor-Young, Leigh ("Dallas")

> Teal, Ray ("Bonanza")

> Teigen, Michael ("Jeremiah")

> Tennant, David ("Doctor Who (2005)")

> Tenney, Jon ("The Closer (2005)")

> Tergesen, Lee ("Wanted")

> Terry, John ("Lost")

> Tessier, Michael ("Barney Miller")

> Teutul, Mikey ("Orange County Choppers")

> Teutul Sr., Paul ("Orange County Choppers")

> Teutul, Jr., Paul ("Orange County Choppers")

> Tewes, Lauren ("Love Boat")

> Texada, Tia ("Third Watch")

> Thaxter, Phyllis ("Lux Video Theatre / Summer Video Theatre")

> The Golddiggers, ("The Dean Martin Show")

> The June Taylor Dancers, ("The Jackie Gleason Show")

> The Modernaires, ("The George Gobel Show")

> Thede, Robin ("All of Us")

> Theirse, Darryl ("Jesse")

> Thicke, Alan ("Growing Pains")

> Thiessen, Tiffani ("Beverly Hills 90210")

> Thomas, Marlo ("The Joey Bishop Show")

> Thomas, Jay ("Mork & Mindy")

> Thomas, Alex ("The Jamie Foxx Show")

> Thomas, Philip ("Miami Vice")

> Thomas, Melissa M. ("Tales from the Crypt")

> Thomas, Frank M. ("Martin Kane, Private Eye")

> Thomas, Dave ("Second City TV")

> Thomas, Ernest ("What's Happening")

> Thomas, Lauren ("Ed / Stuckeyville")

> Thomas (II), Morgan ("Ed / Stuckeyville")

> Thomason, Marsha ("Las Vegas")

> Thomey, Greg ("This Hour Has 22 Minutes")

> Thompson, Lea ("I Love The 80's")

> Thompson, Jenn ("Harper Valley P.T.A.")

> Thompson, Marc ("Daria")

> Thompson, Kenan ("Kenan & Kel")

> Thompson, Scott ("The Kids in the Hall")

> Thompson, Andrea ("Babylon 5")

> Thompson, Fred Dalton ("Law And Order")

> Thompson, Marshall ("Science Fiction Theatre")

> Thompson, Shelley ("Trailer Park Boys")

> Thompson, Melanie ("Mirror Mirror 2")

> Thompson, Jason ("Hell's Kitchen (USA)")

> Thompson, Susanna ("Book Of Daniel / The Book Of Daniel")

> Thomson, Gordon ("Dynasty")

> Thordsen, Kelly ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Thorne, Callie ("Rescue Me")

> Thorne-Smith, Courtney ("Ally McBeal")

> Thornhill, Lisa ("Veronica Mars")

> Thorson, Linda

> Thurston, Carol ("The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp")

> Thyne, T.J. ("Bones")

> Tiel, Vicki ("To Tell the Truth")

> Tierney, Maura ("ER")

> Tilton, Charlene ("Dallas")

> Tini, Krystal ("Beauty And The Geek")

> Tisdale, Ashley ("Still Standing")

> Tiso, Paula ("Dexter's Laboratory")

> Tobeck, Joel ("Cleopatra 2525")

> Tochi, Brian ("Johnny Bravo")

> Tochioka, Douglas ("Reba / Deep in the Heart / Family Planning / Sally")

> Todd, Daniel ("My Three Sons")

> Todd, Joseph ("My Three Sons")

> Todd, Michael ("My Three Sons")

> Todhunter, Chad ("Party of Five")

> Tokuda, Marilyn ("The Roller Girls (1978)")

> Tolbert, Berlinda ("The Jeffersons")

> Tolkin, Stacy ("The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show")

> Tom, Lauren ("Futurama / Aloa Mars! / Doomsville")

> Tomei, Marisa ("A Different World")

> Tomei, Concetta ("Providence")

> Tomlin, Lily ("The Magic School Bus")

> Tomlin, Robbie G. ("Sabrina, the Teenage Witch")

> Tomlinson (I), Michael ("The L Word / Earthlings")

> Tompkins, Mike ("Trailer Park Boys")

> Tonioli, Bruno ("Dancing with the Stars")

> Torrens, Jonathan ("Trailer Park Boys")

> Torres, Gina ("Firefly")

> Torres, Liz ("Gilmore Girls")

> Torrey, Roger ("The Beverly Hillbillies")

> Torriero, Talan ("Laguna Beach / Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County")

> Tortell, Vince ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Totty, Mark ("Joan of Arcadia")

> Toussaint, Beth ("Dallas")

> Tovah, Mageina ("Joan of Arcadia")

> Townes, Harry ("Climax / Climax Mystery Theater")

> Townsend, Stuart ("Night Stalker / The Night Stalker")

> Trachtenberg, Michelle ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer")

> Tracy, Steve ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Tracy, Lee ("Martin Kane, Private Eye")

> Trainer, Mary Ellen ("Roswell")

> Tran, Tram-Anh ("Ghostwriter")

> Tranelli, Deborah ("Dallas")

> Trang, Thuy ("Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Day of the Dumpster / Mighty Morph'n Power Rangers")

> Trask, Diana ("Sing Along with Mitch")

> Travis, Nancy ("Becker")

> Travolta, Ellen ("Charles in Charge")

> Travolta, John ("I Love The 80's")

> Traya, Misti ("Living with Fran / Robbing the Cradle / Shacking Up / So Wrong / Untitled Jamie Kennedy Project")

> Treacher, Arthur ("The Merv Griffin Show")

> Treas, Terri ("Alien Nation")

> Treen, Mary ("The Joey Bishop Show")

> Tremaine, Jeff ("Jackass")

> Tremblay, John Paul ("Trailer Park Boys")

> Trent, Jerry ("The Dean Martin Show")

> Trickey, Paula ("Pacific Blue")

> Trien, Cathy ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids")

> Trinka, Paul ("Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea")

> Trinneer, Connor ("Star Trek: Enterprise")

> Tripplehorn, Jeanne ("Big Love")

> Troup, Ronne ("My Three Sons")

> True, Rachel ("Half & Half / Half and Half")

> True-Frost, Jim ("The Wire")

> Truesdale, Yanic ("Gilmore Girls")

> Truex, Ernest ("Ann Sothern Show")

> Trutner, Kirk ("Earth2")

> Tryon, Tom ("Disneyland / The Wonderful World of Disney / Walt Disney / Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color")

> Tubiola, Nicole ("Wildfire")

> Tuck, Hillary ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids")

> Tucker, Deborah ("Dallas")

> Tucker, Forrest ("F Troop")

> Tudyk, Alan ("Firefly")

> Tufeld, Dick ("Celebrity Sweepstakes")

> Tully, Tom ("The Lineup")

> Tunie, Tamara

> Tunnell, Mary ("The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show")

> Tunney, Robin ("Prison Break")

> Tuomy-Wilhoit, Blake ("Full House")

> Tuomy-Wilhoit, Dylan ("Full House")

> Tupu, Lani ("Farscape")

> Turco, Paige ("Party of Five")

> Turk, Brian ("Carnivale")

> Turman, Glynn ("A Different World")

> Turnbaugh, Wendi ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Turnbaugh, Brenda ("Little House on the Prairie")

> Turner, Karri ("JAG")

> Turner, Janine ("Strong Medicine")

> Turner, Tierre ("Earth2")

> Turner, Kristopher ("Instant Star")

> Turnipseed, Sheldon ("Ghostwriter")

> Turquand, Tara ("Rhoda")

> Turtle, ("All of Us")

> Turturro, Nicholas ("NYPD Blue")

> Turturro, Aida ("The Sopranos / Sopranos")

> Tyburn, Gene ("Logan's Run")

> Tyler, Richard ("Big Town / City Assignment / Headline / Heart of the City")

> Tyler, Beverly ("Big Town / City Assignment / Headline / Heart of the City")

> Tyler, Aisha ("Ghost Whisperer")

> Tyler Quinn, Anthony ("Caroline in the City")

> Tymchyshyn, Mark ("George Lopez / The George Lopez Show")

> Tyrrell, Ann ("Ann Sothern Show")

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