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Andy Griffith 45th Anniversary Marathon Weekend - Oct. 1 & 2

(Posted August 21, 2005 by Stephen Strong)

The Andy Griffith Show 45th Anniversary Weekend

Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2, 2005
6:00 a.m. Sat. Oct 1 to 6:00 a.m. Mon. Oct. 3

One of television’s most beloved classics, The Andy Griffith Show, is turning 45 and TV Land plans to celebrate in a big way with a 48-hour marathon of the best episodes from the long-running sitcom. As part of the weekend, TV Land Original Top 10 Andy Griffith Moments will count down the ten greatest moments from the long-running series.

Come celebrate almost half a century of Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea, Barney, Goober, Otis and the whole Mayberry gang. This is one weekend you’ll want to spend in Mayberry!

Saturday, September 3

6:00a #004 – Ellie Comes to Town
Ellie Walker, a pretty young graduate pharmacist, moves to Mayberry to help her uncle out in the local drugstore.
6:30a #005 – Irresistible Andy
After a series of misunderstandings, Andy finally takes Ellie to the church picnic.
7:00a #006 – Runaway Kid
Andy gives his son, Opie, a lecture on keeping promises. He also convinces a runaway boy that he should return home.
7:30a #007 – Andy the Matchmaker
Andy encourages a romance between his deputy, Barney, and Miss Rosemary, the dressmaker.
8:00a #008 – Opie’s Charity
Andy makes a judgment concerning his son, Opie, before hearing his boy's side of the story.
8:30a #012 – Stranger In Town
A stranger comes to Mayberry and disrupts the lives of the townspeople because he knows everyone's name and business.
9:00a #013 – Mayberry Goes to Hollywood
A Hollywood producer descends on Mayberry, and the town proceeds to make itself over in Hollywood's image.
9:30a #015 – Those Gossipin Men
Aunt Bee, accused by Andy of being a gossip, proves that men are bigger gossips than women.
10:00a #016 – The Beauty Contest
Andy, appointed judge of a beauty contest, shows the wisdom of a solomon in picking a popular winner.
10:30a #017 – Alcohol and Old Lace
Andy and Barney finally solve the problem of moonshining in Mayberry.
11:00a #020 – Andy Saves Barney’s Morale
When Barney's over-zealousness causes him to become a laughing stock, Andy tactfully arranges for Barney to regain his status.
11:30a #022 – Cyrano Andy
Andy plays matchmaker for Barney but finds himself in difficulty when Barney misinterprets his efforts.
12:00p #023 – Andy and Opie, Housekeepers
Andy and Opie struggle to keep house when Aunt Bee leaves for a few days.
12:30p #025 – A Plaque for Mayberry
The town drunk turns out to be the only living descendent of a Revolutionary War hero, much to the dismay of the Mayberry mayor.
1:00p #026 – The Inspector
A state inspector learns some unique but result-getting police methods employed by the Mayberry sheriff.
1:30p #028 – Andy Forecloses
Andy faced with the unpleasant duty of serving an eviction notice, discovers a way to save the mortgagee's home.
2:00p #029 – Quiet Sam
Andy delivers a baby for a farmers wife when the local doctor is unavailable.
2:30p #032 – Bring Up Opie
Andy and Aunt Bee find that a good father-son relationship is more important to Opie than keeping him away from the sheriff's office.
3:00p #034 – Barney’s Replacement
Barney resigns as he believes that Andy is trying to ease him out of his deputy sheriff job.
3:30p #036 – Barney Goes Bankrupt
A citizen of Mayberry forestalls his eviction by trying to redeem a century-old municipal bond.
4:00p #038 – Opie’s Hobo Friend
Opie's friendship with a hobo begins to affect his ability to tell right from wrong.
4:30p #039 – Crime Free Mayberry
A bogus FBI agent and his accomplice nearly make off with the Mayberry Bank money.
5:00p #044 – Sheriff Barney
A trial run as Sheriff of Mayberry convinces Barney that he is not quite ready to take over a similar job in a neighboring town.
5:30p #046 – The Keeper of the Flame
Opie keeps a secret club oath even in the face of the serious accusation of burning down a barn.
6:00p #049 – The Jinx
A Mayberry resident is convinced that he is in a jinx until Andy helps restore his self-confidence.
6:30p #055 – Aunt Bee the Warden
The town drunk mends his ways after serving a jail term at Andy's and Aunt Bee's home.
7:00p #033 – Opie and the Bully
A schoolboy bully makes life miserable for seven-year-old Opie.
7:30p #041 – Aunt Bee’s Brief Encounter
Aunt Bee takes a shine to an itinerant handyman who has a way with ladies.
8:00p #001 – The New Housekeeper
Andy Taylor's son, Opie, demands that their new housekeeper be fired after the old one leaves to get married.
8:30p #002 – The Manhunt
Andy Griffith gives the state troopers an object lesson in the efficiency of a country sheriff when a dangerous criminal escapes.
9:00p #043 – The Pickle Story
Rather than eat Aunt Bee's indigestible home-made pickles, Andy and Barney secretly substitute store-bought pickles in her preserving jars.
9:30p #052 – Barney and the Choir
Andy's diplomacy and modern engineering techniques are required to upgrade the music of the Mayberry choir.
10:00p Top Ten – The Andy Griffith Show
Countdown of the Top 10 Andy Griffith Show episodes.
10:30p #096 – Opie and the Birdman
Opie accidentally kills a bird with a slingshot and becomes foster-mother to her three young birds.
11:00p #074 – Convicts-At-Large
Three escaped female convicts imprison Barney and Floyd in a remote cabin.
12:00a #066 – Andy and the New Mayor
Veteran character actor Paley Baer plays the new mayor of Mayberry, who is critical of Andy's work as Sheriff.
12:30a #098 – Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army
Ernest T. Bass is a mountain man very disgruntled with being rejected by the army.
1:00a #057 – Andy and Barney in the Big City
Andy and Barney are involved in the catching of a jewel thief.
1:30a #058 – Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee
A misunderstanding leads Andy and Aunt Bee to believe that they are both anxious to get married.
2:00a #067 – Andy and Opie Bachelors
When Aunt Bee goes away for a visit, Andy and Opie discover the problems of bachelor-hood.
2:30a #070 – Lawman Barney
Barney loses his self-confidence when two farmers ignore his warning.
3:00a #076 – The Bank Job
Barney is convinced that Opie's piggy bank is safer than the Mayberry bank -- and sets out to prove his point.
3:30a #077 – One-Punch-One
Opie must either learn how to box or lose prestige among his peers when a new boy moves into town.
4:00a #085 – The Great Filling Station Robbery
Andy uses common sense and Barney uses "modern criminal detection methods" to solve several burglaries at a filling station.
4:30a #093 – Dogs-Dogs-Dogs
A pack of hunting dogs overruns the Mayberry Courthouse just as Andy is trying to impress a visiting state official.
5:00a #094 – Mountain Wedding
Howard Morris guest stars as Ernest T. Bass as the Darling clan returns to Maybery with its own kind of mountain trouble.
5:30a #097 – The Haunted House
Andy, Barney and Gomer are a trio of laughs as they tread the boards of a "haunted house."

Sunday, September 4

6:00a #105 – A Date for Gomer
Barney plays cupid for Gomer when Barney's girl refuses to go to a dance unless her cousin also has a date.
6:30a #106 – Citizens Arrest
Barney tickets Gomer for a U-turn and is then detained in a citizen's arrest by Gomer for the same thing.
7:00a #111 – Barney’s Sidecar
Barney adds a vintage motorcycle to the rolling stock of the Mayberry Sheriff's department, to the sheriff's regret.
7:30a #113 – Prisoner of Love
A beautiful prisoner threatens to crumble the security of the Mayberrry jail, as both Andy and Barney fall for her charms.
8:00a #116 – The Shoplifters
Barney disguises himself as a dummy in an attempt to solve a series of thefts in a Mayberry department store.
8:30a #117 – Andy’s Vacation
Andy takes a week off, leaving Barney and Gomer in charge. A prisoner also takes off in he resultant confusion.
9:00a #120 – Divorce Mountain Style
A strange mountain-style divorce ritual is frustrated by another ritual performed by Barney.
9:30a #123 - Return of Malcolm Merriweather
British comedian Bernard Fox plays the peripatetic Englishman who returns to Mayberry and upsets aunt Bee with his efficiency.
10:00a Top Ten – The Andy Griffith Show
Countdown of the Top 10 Andy Griffith Show episodes.
10:30a #126 – Back to Nature
Andy takes Opie and several of his pals on a camping trip. Barney and Gomer tag along to help out, and succeed in getting themselves lost in the woods.
11:00a #127 – Gomer Pyle USMC
Gomer decides to join the Marine Corps and immediately falls afoul of Sergeant Carter, played by Frank Sutton.
11:30a #128 – Opines Loves Helen
Opie develops a crush on his teacher, who also happens to be his father's girlfriend.
12:00p #129 - Barney's Physical
A campaign to fatten and stretch Barney Fife gets underway when it becomes apparent he doesn't match up to Civil Service physical requirements.
12:30p #135 – Barney’s Uniform
Barney starts wearing his uniform all the time after being threatened with bodily harm if he's ever caught without it on.
1:00p #140 – Andy and Helen Have Their Day
Andy and Helen are supposed to have a day off, but are continually interrupted at their secluded picnic spot by Barney asking questions about his duties.
1:30p #141 – Three Wishes for Opie
Barney demonstrates gypsy fortune telling to Opie. The wishes seem to begin to come true.
2:00p #150 – TV or Not TV
Andy's reputation brings a proposal from a Hollywood writer that he star in a television series as a "sheriff without a gun."
2:30p #156 – The Luck of Newton Monroe
Comedian Don Rickles guest stars as Newton Monroe, and itinerant peddler who seems unable to do anything right.
3:00p #160 – Opie’s Job
Opie gets a part-time job in a grocery store, but gives it up because another boys needs employment more.
3:30p #166 – Taylors in Hollywood
The Taylor family starts an exciting vacation in Hollywood, including a visit to a movie studio.
4:00p #176 – Return of Barney Fife
Barney makes a triumphal return to Mayberry to attend his high school reunion.
4:30p #177 – Legend of Barney Fife
Barney, is shamed into displaying his "legendary courage" by going after an escaped convict.
5:00p #189 – A Singer in Town
Aunt Bee's original song about Mayberry is a hit when it's played by a Rock N' roll star on his television show.
5:30p #197 – Politics Begin at Home
Aunt Bee and County Clerk Howard, both decide to run for office of town councilman.
6:00p #198 – Senior Play
Helen Crump and her teenaged students convince a crotchety old principal that today's youngsters are not different from his own generation's.
6:30p #202 – Otis the Deputy
Otis and Howard bunglingly rescue Andy who has been taken prisoner by a pair of desperate bank-robbers.
7:00p #101 – Gomer, The House Guest
Gossiping Gomer Pyle, moves in with the sheriff when he loses his job and home at the filling station.
7:30p #109 – Andy and Opie’s Pal
Opie learns a lesson in friendship when he befriends a newcomer to Mayberry.
8:00p #112 – My Fair Ernest T. Bass
Howard Morris, playing a mountain-bred would-be Romeo, is brought into the sheriff's home in an effort to teach him some manners.
8:30p #122 – Fun Girls
Joyce Jameson and Jean Carson appear as two fun-loving blondes who upset the procedures and routine of the sheriff's office.
9:00p #064 – Mr. McBeevee
When Opie starts talking about Mr. McBeevee, Andy and Barney suspect that the boy has an imaginary friend.
9:30p #088 – The Darlings Are Coming
The sheriff has his hands full as a clan of mountain musicians descend on Mayberry to meet a bus.
10:00p #061 – Andy on Trial
Andy faces charges of malfeasance in office when a disgruntled traffic offender seeks revenge.
10:30p #090 – Barney’s First Car
Jim Nabors appears as Gomer Pyle as Barney invests his life's savings in a used car.
11:00p #137 – Goodbye Sheriff Taylor
Andy goes to Raleigh for a job interview, and chaos prevails in Mayberry, with Barney as acting sheriff.
11:30p #124 – The Rumor
Andy kisses Helen on the cheek and Barney interprets the kiss as tantamount to a secret engagement. The town gets the word and prepares a surprise party for the couple.
12:00a #131 – The Education of Ernest T. Bass
Ernest T. Bass goes back to school when his girl spurns him as an illiterate. He quickly proves he won't win any gold stars for deportment of scholarship.
12:30a #133 – Barney’s Bloodhound
Barney's attempts to train an old mutt (named Blue) as a police dog coincide with a manhunt for an escaped criminal.
1:00a #142 – Otis Sues the County
Otis slips and falls in jail and is convinced by a lawyer that he should sue the county.
1:30a #205 – Don’t Miss a Good Bet
Andy and four of his level-headed friends and relatives are taken in by a con man's get-rich-quick scheme.
2:00a #207 – A Visit to Barney Fife
Andy visits Barney, now with the Raleigh police department, and makes a hero out of his bumbling former deputy.
2:30a #208 - Barney Comes To Mayberry
Detective Barney fife, of the big city police department, pays a visit to his old home-town.
3:00a #210 – Aunt Bee’s Restaurant
Aunt Bee has a brief fling as co-owner of a Chinese restaurant.
3:30a #226 – Aunt Bee, The Juror
Aunt Bee, summoned for jury duty, disagrees with fellow jurors on her first case.
4:00a #233 – Suppose Andy Gets Sick
Andy catches the flu and Goober takes over as his deputy.
4:30a #235 – Goober, The Executive
Goober buys the gas station with financial backing from Andy and Emmett.
5:00a #242 – Aunt Bee’s Big Moment
Aunt Bee does well with her flying lessons until the instructor tells her she's ready to solo -- then she becomes terrified.
5:30a #243 – Helen’s Past
Andy learns that his girlfriend, Helen was once arrested for carrying a gun, gambling and keeping company with a hoodlum.


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