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Below is a list of all opportunities currently available at,,,, and

At this time all positions are unpaid (unless otherwise notes), however other incentives are offered including monthly gift certificates
drawings and other such incentives.

 Current Positions (Positions beyond TV/Movie Editors)

Position Description Posted

 TV & Movie Editors - Shows, News, Networks & People.

We are constantly looking for TV and movies fans with varied interests in different types of shows and movies, with different networks, with different actors/actresses, and with television and movies in general. It this point we are covering all types of shows (dramas, sitcoms, talk shows, game shows, etc.), and all types of movies (old, new, horror, comedy, action, etc.)

What exactly does an Editor do?

Being a Show Editor... involves making sure all basic information is available for that show (description, cast, episode guide, etc.), posting news regarding the show, managing/approving entries to the corresponding show photo gallery, video gallery, sound gallery, etc.

Being a Movie Editor... similar to being a TV editor, making sure all the basic information and a description are available for the movie, managing/approving entries to the corresponding movie photo gallery, video gallery, sound gallery, etc.

Being a Network Editor... posting news about the network, special programming, schedules, etc. The position requires the largest commitment with constant schedule changes, etc.

Being an Actor Editor... making sure a picture, biography, and basic information are available for the person. Their TV credits are automatically entered by the system. In addition you are able to post/approve relevant news stories and links.

Being a News Editor... keep your eye out for general TV or movie news, and let fans know about it!

Open Editor Positions:





The Open Editor Positions only displays Shows, Networks, and Actors with no editor at all. If you are interested in helping out with a show which already has an editor, please contact that editor directly via the Staff List, they may be looking for help! If you don't see a show/actor/network on the site, or the above lists, it may have slipped our mind - Feel free to Apply for such shows as well! 

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