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  Pimp My Ride

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> Description 
Pimp My Ride is a TV show originally shown on MTV, with the first episode airing on March 4, 2004. The concept is simple one takes a car that is old, thought to be unfashionable, falling apart, or some combination thereof, and "pimps" it (i.e., the car is restored and customized). The show picks young car owners (requirements limit participants to their early 20's) living in the Los Angeles/Southern California area.

The show features rapper Xzibit, who takes the cars to the custom body shop of West Coast Customs, where the WCC team generally replaces most of the components and rebuilds the interior and exterior from scratch.

Each car is a custom "pimp", tailored to the personalities and interests of the owners. For example, a Need For Speed fan had his car painted to look like one in the game, while a bowler had a ball washer installed in his trunk, and a surfer got a full-size driver in the back of his Volkswagen van. Work usually includes new paint, accessories, chrome, tires and rims, and internal electronics (even, and especially, DVD players, video games, TFT screens of excessive size and other top notch gadgets). Customization and extra gifts usually total around US$20,000 (though the show usually doesn't put much emphasis on costs). However, WCC is well-known for putting their own whimsical touches in their work, such as the aforementioned dryer, or a gas fireplace in the trunk of another vehicle.

On only two occasions did WCC not "pimp" the automobile. In the first instance (the last episode of Year 1), the car-to-be-pimped was actually two Ford Escorts welded together, and was considered unsafe. In the second instance (Episode 8 of Year 2) the "Pimpee" was studying to be an auto mechanic, and WCC decided to let him "pimp" his car as a study project. In both instances, the "Pimpees" were given brand new cars, with extensive WCC modifications to customize the new car for the owner.

Much of the appeal of the show comes from the personalities involved. The WCC employees are an eclectic mix of outgoing personalities, such as:

the appropriately named Big Dane,

electronics (and outrageous engineering) expert Mad Mike,

tough-looking interior and fabric maven Ish, and

the heavily pierced tire-specialist Alex.

Xzibit, the show's host, has found a new audience of fans, who appreciate his sense of humor and obvious love of his job. Both he and WCC have experienced boosts in business due to the show: Xzibit has gained wider attention for his music career (as well as hosting and movie gigs), and WCC had to expand their facilities, due to the international exposure Pimp My Ride gave their work. After the second season however, WCC manager "Q" announced that he would not be willing to take a role in the show anymore. He cited a desire to expand the company's business with a customs shop in St. Louis, Missouri. More importantly, he cited uneasy business relations between WCC and MTV; the Pimp My Ride producers reportedly did not fully compensate WCC for its expenses, in hopes that increased publicity would eventually make up for the shop's decreased revenue. [1] "Ryan", the owner of WCC, has been featured in season 3 as the "lead" for discussions on what customizing will be done on the incoming cars.

WCC has faced problems with some of their modifications. In December 2004 the shop was fined $16,000 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (along with fellow shop Unique Autosports) for removing airbags from cars and replacing them with DVD monitors, although this modification was not done on the TV show.

Several Pimp My Ride automobiles have been sold on eBay.

Pimp My Ride is one of MTV's most popular shows in nearly all of its worldwide subsidiaries (numbering nearly 100), the only exception being the U.S., where it is second place to The Real World (which is generally much less known outside of the United States). It is now in its third season in the United States.

A UK version of this show launched on 26 June 2005, presented by the DJ Tim Westwood. Carisma Automotive are the customisers for the UK version.

On German MTV there is an adaption of the show called Pimp My Fahrrad (a translation being "Pimp My Bicycle"), where ElbCoast Psycles redoes an entire bicycle, leaving only the frame intact. While the show could be seen as a parody of the American original, it is also a loving tribute, using all the elements of the American show with a bicycle twist. The German version is hosted by German actor Oliver Korittke.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Premiere 2004
Network MTV
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Big Dane....   Accessories - West Coast Customs
Mad Mike....   Electrical - West Coast Customs
Xzibit....   Host
Ish....   Interiors - West Coast Customs
Q (IV)....   Manager - West Coast Customs
Ryan Friedlinghaus....   Owner - West Coast Customs (as Ryan)
Jimmy (IX)....   Paint & Body - West Coast Customs (2004)
Aren....   Paint & Body - West Coast Customs (2004)
2Shae....   Paint & Body - West Coast Customs (2004 -)
Danny (VIII)....   Suspension & Body - West Coast Customs
Alex (XXI)....   Wheels & Tires - West Coast Customs
Abraham (III)....   Wiring - West Coast Customs

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