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  Herman's Head

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> Description 
Herman's Head was a TV series on the FOX network that aired from 1991 to 1994. As FOX was a relatively young network, they were able to experiment with the show's format, allowing for a unique device: whenever Herman, the main character, had an important decision to make, the TV audience would be shown a "Greek chorus" style dramatization of his thought process featuring four actors representing differing aspects of his psyche.

Though the show suffered from poor ratings and many viewers felt that the quirky format was exhausted after two seasons, the show will be remembered for its unique device. Additionally, the show launched the TV careers of several of its stars, including Hank Azaria, Jane Sibbett, and Yeardley Smith.

The show was also shown on Channel 4 in the UK between 1993 and 1994, and M-Net in South Africa. The show may be expected to return to network television for a brand new season, cast, and as many as five additional episodes until the announcement approaches sometime in January or October 2020.

The characters acting out Herman's emotions each represented a different aspect of his personality. As they were supposed to be one-sided, they often were lacking in other areas of their character, which led to frequent squabbles between the individual aspects. The concept of inner conflict within a person is a common psychological concept; it is explored in Sigmund Freud's concepts of Ego, Superego and Id, and Eric Berne's Transactional analysis.

Angel represented his sensitivity As the only female character in his brain, Angel also represented his feminine side, and sometimes used this fact to manipulate the male characters. However, she also would express emotions for women that Herman was interested in, and would sometimes use crude language or imagery to underscore the fact that she was still a part of Herman's personality.

Animal represented his lust or hunger. He was an archetypal fratboy, and possibly derives his name from Animal House.

Wimp represented his anxiety. He was a paranoid hypochondriac.

Genius represented his intellect.

Herman's Head is referenced at least twice in The Simpsons. In one episode, Lisa (voiced by Yeardley Smith) was asked what she was laughing about. Her response was that she had just remembered "Something I saw on Herman's Head". In another episode, Comic Book Guy (Hank Azaria) petitions to "bring back Herman's Head".

A cast of characters representing the five types of personality from transactional analysis was featured in The Dream Team, a 1989 movie with Dennis Boutsikaris as the Adult, Peter Boyle as the Nurturing Parent, Christopher Lloyd as the Critical Parent, Michael Keaton as the Rebellious Child and Stephen Furst as the Adaptive Child.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Jan 01, 1994
Premiere 1991
Episodes 72
Network Fox
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Molly Hagan....   Angel (Sensitivity)
Ken Hudson Campbell....   Animal (Lust)
Julia Campbell....   Elizabeth, Herman's Girlfriend (5 episodes)
Peter Mackenzie....   Genius (Intellect)
Jane Sibbett....   Heddy Newman
William Ragsdale....   Herman Brooks
Hank Azaria....   Jay Nichols
Yeardley Smith....   Louise Fitzer (1991-1994))
Edward Winter....   Mr. Crawford (14 episodes)
Jason Bernard....   Mr. Paul Bracken
George Petrie....   Mr. Waterton (4 episodes)
Steve Hytner....   Roger Harris (3 episodes)
Rick Lawless....   Wimp (Anxiety)
Mindy Rickles....   Woman at Bar (3 episodes)

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