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  Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers / Day of the Dumpster / Mighty Morph'n Power Rangers

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Picture Credit: Wikipedia


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> Description 
Power Rangers is a series of television series, chronicling the epic adventures of the Power Rangers. Based on the Super Sentai series of shows. However, they are not English dubs of the original Japanese tokusatsu shows: they are adaptations with English-speaking actors spliced in with the original Japanese footage from the adapted shows that use their own creative storylines (although the storylines of certain Power Rangers series are similar to the Sentai shows that they are based off). The Power Ranger series was distributed by Saban Entertainment from 1993 until 2002 and broadcast on the Fox network. In 2002, in the middle of the Power Rangers Wild Force series, Power Rangers changed ownership to Disney and the remainder of the series and all subsequent series air on one of the ABC networks, ABC Kids, ABCFamily, or Toon Disney (because Disney wishes to market it to kids, in the same manner that other networks sandwiched it into their traditional cartoon timeslots).

Each of the Power Rangers seasons, or incarnations, centers around a group of people, often teenagers (age of actors actually varies from 18 to 23 years old), that gain super powers to fight various villains, ranging from demons to witches to aliens. To activate these powers, these characters, known in general as the Power Rangers, morph by performing a standard action and reciting a morphing call. Throughout the series, the Power Rangers learn the importance of teamwork and perseverance as they battle progressively harder to defeat villains. Like its Super Sentai counterpart, from which some of an episode's footage is taken, a monster is unleashed on the Power Rangers and it is usually up to them to destroy the monster.

Often, before a monster is defeated, a monster will grow into gigantic proportions, forcing the Power Rangers to use gigantic (bio)mechanical machines known as Zords. In many cases, these Zords can be combined to form a more advanced (and humanlike) machine, known as a Megazord. In many series, because of the way Zords are combined, the Power Rangers may also use interchangeable parts to enhance their fighting power, or combine Megazords together to form larger Megazords. Though only in the first four seasons, there were extremely large combinations of Zords known as Ultrazords. In theory, two new Ultrazords appeared in Ninja Storm, but these formations were never referred to as such.

A Power Ranger is a Human or humanoid warrior who "morphs" from a natural, unpowered form (often using a device called a "Morpher") into a superhuman form clad in a full-body costume (irreverently called spandex on more than one occasion but actually an unknown composition), as well as a helmet with an opaque visor, which in many cases serves to protect his or her identity. A morphed Ranger generally possesses superhuman strength, durability, and hand-to-hand combat ability; unmorphed Rangers may possess other innate abilities (such as telepathy, superspeed, invisibility, etc.) which are usually not directly related to his or her Ranger powers. Rangers appear to retain their original physiology beneath their suits when in morphed form, as Rangers' helmets have been seen removed or broken on numerous occasions, revealing his or her natural form underneath; helmets aside, the suits are donned and removed nearly instantaneously with a glow of light or some other effect. Rangers are known to "de-morph" involuntarily due to some magical effects or powerful physical attacks, with potentially life-threatening injury to the Ranger's natural body. In rare cases, a Ranger has remained morphed for an extended duration (such as several weeks, or in one case several years), but physiological needs such as sleep and eating in this form have not been addressed.

Rangers regularly operate in teams of five, with the occasional presence of a special sixth Ranger (or more); occasionally a core team of three will later be joined by two or three additional Rangers. Each Ranger's suit and energy spectrum will match a specific color, with red, yellow, and blue being joined by some combination of pink, green, black, white, or silver. Rangers may be named after their respective colors, such as Red Ranger, Blue Ranger, etc., but numbers or other names may also be used (such as Zeo Rangers One through Five, Titanium Ranger, Quantum Ranger, etc.). There is usually no more than one Ranger of a given color on a team, but exceptions of this rule are generally given alternate names (such as Navy for an alternate blue, and Crimson or Quantum for an alternate red). In addition to the main color, the Ranger's costume will also bear white sections, as well as other possible colors such as silver, black, or gold. The team's costumes are nearly identical aside from color and perhaps a number designation; any additional Rangers (such as the standard sixth Ranger) will regularly have additional costume modifications, often including a gold vest.

Rangers generally function as a battle squadron to combat superhuman threats to humankind and other life forms. (Evil Ranger teams also exist but are generally seen as a perversion or counterpart of the original "good" Rangers.) Rangers traditionally follow codes of honor which include self-sacrifice for the protection of others and the use of minimal force in combat. When necessary, Rangers are often capable of calling upon giant fighting machines known as "Zords" (although some villains have also constructed Zords of their own). Zords within a particular Ranger team may combine in various ways, such as forming a robot warrior known as a "Megazord," while Zords across different Ranger teams are not generally compatible. While the Rangers normally rely on mechanical aides, their enemies tend to use organically-based ones. This, interestingly, contrasts with Star Wars, where the opposite is true.

Power Rangers, a specific category of Rangers, are generally human Rangers (and frequently Earth-based); evil and alien Ranger teams have never been referred to as "Power Rangers." Furthermore, there seems to be only one prominent Power Ranger team at a time, during which other human Ranger teams retire that title. (In other words, the team on which the show is currently centered will be known as "Power Rangers," while all others will simply be "Rangers.")

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Nov 30, -0001
Premiere 1993
Network Fox / Disney / ABC
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Johnny Yong Bosch....   Adam Park/The Black Ranger (1994-1996)
Karan Ashley....   Aisha Campbell/The Yellow Ranger (1994-1996)
David Yost....   Billy Cranston/The Blue Ranger
Jason Narvy....   Eugene 'Skull' Skullovitch
Paul Schrier....   Farkus 'Bulk' Bulkmeier
Austin St. John....   Jason Lee Scott/The Red Ranger (1993-1994)
Catherine Sutherland....   Katherine Hillard/The Pink Ranger (1995-1996)
Amy Jo Johnson....   Kimberly Hart/The Pink Ranger
Steve Cardenas....   Rocky DeSantos/The Red Ranger (1994-1996)
Jason David Frank....   Tommy Oliver / The Green Ranger / The White Ranger (1993-1994 / 1994-1996)
Thuy Trang....   Trini Kwan/The Yellow Ranger (1993-1994)
Walter Emmanuel Jones....   Zack Taylor/The Black Ranger (1993-1994)
David Fielding (II)....   Zordon (1993-1994)

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