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> Description 
Rhoda Morgenstern was born in the Bronx in December 1941. She's always felt responsible for World War II. She had a bad puberty. It lasted 17 years. She's a college graduate, she went to art school. Her entrance exam was on a book of matches. She decided to move out of the house at the age of 24. Her mother still refers to this as the time she ran away from home. Eventually, she ran to Minneapolis where it's colder, and she figured she'd keep better. Now she's back in Manhattan. New York, this is your last chance!

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> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Dec 09, 1978
Premiere September 9, 1974
Episodes 110
Network CBS
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Candice Azzara....   Alice Barth (1974-1975)
Ray Buktenia....   Benny Goodwin (1977-1978)
Julie Kavner....   Brenda Morgenstern
Lorenzo Music....   Carlton the Doorman
Tara Turquand....   Danny Gerard (1974)
Ron Silver....   Gary Levy (1976-1978)
Nancy Walker....   Ida Morgenstern (1974-1976, 1977-1978)
Ken McMillan....   Jack Doyle (1977-1978)
David Groh....   Joe Gerard (1974-1977)
Michael Delano....   Johnny Venture (1977-1978)
Cara Williams....   Mae (1974-1975)
Harold Gould....   Martin Morgenstern (1974-1976, 1977-1978)
Barbara Sharma....   Myrna Morgenstern (1974-1976)
Rafael Campos....   Ramon Diaz Jr (1977-1978)
Valerie Harper....   Rhoda
Anne Meara....   Sally Gallagher (1976-1977)
Nancy Lane....   Tina Molinari (1978)

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