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  The Andy Griffith Show

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> Description 
Andy Griffith plays Andy Taylor a widowed sheriff with a son (Opie) in the small sleepy North Carolina town of Mayberry. They live with Andy's Aunt Bee, who takes care of them. Andy's deputy is his bumbling but neurotically hilarious cousin Barney Fife. Most of the story centers around the interactions of the characters as there is little crime in Mayberry. Subtle philosophical moral tales lead to the success of the show.

Several spin-off series came from The Andy Griffith Show. Jim Nabors' Gomer Pyle character started there. Don Knotts, who played Barney Fife, had his own variety show called, what else, The Don Knotts Show. Other shows, "Mayberry R.F.D." , "Andy of Mayberry" and "Return to Mayberry" also followed. Little Opie was played by the now-famed director Ron Howard (also of Happy Days).

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> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Sep 16, 1968
Premiere October 3, 1960
Episodes 249
Network CBS
Format/Time Black & White / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Colin Male....   Announcer (uncredited)
Frances Bavier....   Aunt Beatrice 'Bee' Taylor
Hope Summers....   Bertha Edwards or Clara Johnson/Edwards (1961-1968)
Don Knotts....   Deputy Barney Fife (1960-1965)
Jack Burns....   Deputy Warren Ferguson (1965-1966)
Elinor Donahue....   Ellie Walker (1960-1961)
Paul Hartman....   Emmett Clark (1967-68)
Howard McNear....   Floyd Lawson (1960-1962, 1964-1967)
Jim Nabors....   Gomer Pyle (1962-1964)
George Lindsey....   Goober Pyle (1964-1968)
Aneta Corsaut....   Helen Crump (1963-1968)
Jack Dodson....   Howard Sprague (1966-1968)
Dick Elliot....   Mayor Pike (1961-1962)
Parley Baer....   Mayor Roy Stoner (1962-1963)
Ron Howard....   Opie Taylor
Hal Smith....   Otis Campbell (1960-67)
Ken Berry....   Sam Jones (1968)
Andy Griffith....   Sheriff Andy Taylor
Betty Lynn....   Thelma Lou (1961-65)

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