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  Card Sharks

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> Description 
In 1978 NBC debuted "Card Sharks" and it features two(2) contestants, one(1) a champion, competed. The host read a question asked of 100 people in a certain group (e.g., mothers-to-be, homecoming queens & Congressmen). The questions could be serious, funny, cute ... but were always interesting. The 1st contestant had to predict how many of those 100 people answered a certain way, while his or her opponent had to guess whether the actual figure was higher or lower. The contestant who was correct played a card game based on Acey-Deucey; he or she was shown their base card (they could play it or change it) and had to guess whether the next card was higher or lower than the previous one(1) card. {The Playing Cards ranked from Ace(High) to 2(Low)}. Any incorrect judgement (miscall or mistake) allowed the opponent a chance at his/her row of cards (no change of the base card allowed); players could "freeze" at any point to keep their opponent away from their cards or to gain an advantageous position. Up to four questions were played per round, with the 4th and final question called "sudden death." One game to complete all 5 cards calling Higher or Lower wins $100 and be the first(1st) player to win two(2) rounds collects $200 played the Big Money Cards; if a third (3rd) round was required, a "Sudden Death" round with 3 cards and a maximum of 3 questions was played. In the Big Money Cards, the champion used an initial purse of $200 to bet on a series of seven cards (positioned on a three(3) row board, with an extra $200 given after play of the third card); the first card on each row could be changed; correct guesses earned the player their bet, while incorrect guesses lost the bet. The final card, if they didn't "BUST" before this point was the "Big Bet," where the contestant had to bet at least half of his/her bankroll. Up to $28,800 was possible. Champions continued until defeated or until winning seven(7) games.The Game Play was largely similar in the 1986 CBS/syndicated revival, with the following changes: 1. Questions could also involve "educated guesses" or general knowledge questions with numerical answers and a special 10-member polling group seated in the audience who played for the entire week. 2. In September 1986, After the Big Money Cards (for a chance up to $32,000), players could use any jokers found in the deck to help them win a new car with the help of 7 numbered cards (1 "CAR" & 6 "No" Cards); In June 1988, this was changed to a question read about the 10-member polling group, with a player winning the car for guessing the number exactly by moving a blue diamond shaped marker from 0 to 10. The Show changed from 7 wins to 5 wins on CBS & Syndicated.

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> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Oct 23, 1989
Premiere April 24, 1978
Episodes 1709
Network NBC
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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