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  Ryan's Hope

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> Description 
The series was about a large Irish-American family living in the Riverside district of New York City. The patriarch, Johnny Ryan (Bernard Barrow) owned a bar, Ryan's, which was across from Riverside Hospital. His wife, Maeve (Helen Gallagher), would help in the bar's upkeep, as would their children. The Ryans and the wealthy Coleridges were the original core families of the daytime drama.

When it premiered in 1975, it originally aired in the 1:00PM time slot, immediately after All My Children. Labine and Mayer also served as the executive producers of the show at this point, with George Lefferts as the producer. Lefferts would soon be replaced by Robert Costello, who remained with the show until 1978. After Costello, the role was occupied by Ellen Barrett (1978-1982) and Felicia Minei Behr (1982-1988).

The original cast consisted of Nancy Addison Altman, Bernard Barrow, Faith Catlin, Justin Deas, Michael Fairman, John Gabriel, Helen Gallagher, Malcolm Groome, Rosalinda Guerra, Michael Hawkins, Earl Hindman, Ilene Kristen, Frank Latimore, Michael Levin, Kate Mulgrew, Hannibal Penney, Jr., and Diana van der Vlis.

At first, the show experienced low ratings and was ranked dead last among all the soaps during its first season. However, by its second season, the show's ratings had jumped, and it was now in the middle of the daytime ratings pack. It would continue to have steady ratings until 1982.

As the seventies progressed, numerous actors and actresses appeared in various roles. One of the most noteworthy was Louise Shaffer (1977-1984) was the conniving Rae Woodard. Two others included Sarah Felder as Siobhan Ryan Novak and Richard Munez as Joe Novak. Several things happened during the late seventies and early eighties to hasten the demise of the series. In 1979, Labine and Mayer were forced to sell the show to ABC due to skyrocketing production costs. ABC soon pushed for more action-adventure storylines, like the ones on their hit soap General Hospital. One of these included a gorilla who kidnapped Delia Reid Ryan Coleridge. Another included a search for a lost Egyptian queen. These were not the type of plots the show had previously been known for. At the beginning of 1982, ABC fired Labine and Mayer and replaced them with Mary Munisteri. During Munisteri's tenure as headwriter, the focus began to move to the newly-arrived wealthy Kirkland clan, which was headed by Hollis Kirkland III (Peter Haskell). It soon turned out that he was the father of Rae Woodard's daughter, Kimberly Harris (Kelli Maroney). As more and more Kirklands began to show up (including Christine Jones as Hollis' wife Catsy and Mary Page Keller and Ariane Munker as his daughter Amanda), less attention was paid to the Ryans and Coleridges. Due to falling ratings, Labine and Mayer were asked back at the beginning of 1983. Ratings rose steadily with their return; however, it was not enough. By the end of 1983, they were replaced with General Hospital scribe Pat Falken Smith. Smith, along with executive producer Joseph Hardy, once again shifted the focus from the Ryans. Numerous fan favorites, including Ilene Kristen, Louise Shaffer, Karen Morris-Gowdy were either fired or left of their own accord during Smith's and Hardy's reign. The focus of the series was now centered on Greenberg's Deli, with Cali Timmins' Maggie Shelby and Scott Holmes' Dave Greenberg becoming two prominent characters. In 1985, Smith was replaced with Millee Taggert and Tom King. The show began to go back to its roots during this time. However, the show, which had been airing at 12:30PM since 1977, had just been moved to the noon time slot. Ratings sank to previously unheard of levels. With ratings going further and further south, ABC asked Claire Labine to return as headwriter, with her daughter, Eleanor Mancusi, as co-headwriter. Labine and Mancusi revitalized the show. A year after Labine's return, executive producer Joseph Hardy was replaced with Felicia Minei Behr. During the eighties, there were numerous cast changes. Some of the more notable ones included the additions of Yasmine Bleeth, Grant Show, Daniel Pilon, Tichina Arnold, Gloria DeHaven, Jason Adams, Christopher Durham, and Catherine Larson. However, the end was already in sight. ABC cancelled the series in fall 1988. The last episode (#3515) aired on January 13, 1989, and it concluded with Helen Gallagher's Maeve singing "Danny Boy" like in many previous Ryan celebrations. For the final episodes, numerous cast members who had been on the show in previous years returned.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Jan 13, 1989
Premiere July 1, 1975
Episodes 3515
Network ABC
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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