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  The Price is Right

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> Description 
The original daytime version of The Price is Right ran from November 23, 1956 to September 6, 1963, on NBC, and from September 9, 1963, to September 3, 1965, on ABC. A weekly nighttime version ran concurrently from September 23, 1957, to September 3, 1963, on NBC, and from September 18, 1963, to September 11, 1964, on ABC. The show originated from New York City in a Broadway theater converted for television. Although no known color kinescopes or videotapes are known to exist from either NBC or ABC, The Price is Right became the first regularly airing game show series to be aired in color in 1957. Bill Cullen hosted both the daytime and nighttime versions of the show. For two seasons (1959-1960 and 1960-1961), the show was eighth in the Nielsen ratings, making it by far the most watched game show on television at the time. Cullen's easygoing personality was a key part of the show's success. The announcers of the show were Don Pardo and Jack Clark on NBC and Johnny Gilbert on ABC. The first theme song used was called the "Sixth Finger Tune" by Charles Strouse. On the original version of The Price is Right, four contestants chosen from the studio audience bid on items or ensembles of items in an auction-style format. They could bid higher as long as they wanted or they could freeze their bids. When time ran out, the players who did not freeze had one more bid. Whoever's bid was nearest the actual retail price of the merchandise without going over won the merchandise. Depending on the item, a minimum bid increment restriction was implemented. Some rounds were one-bid rounds which were like today's Contestants' Row. The contestant who accumulated the most value in cash and prizes was the returning champion on the next show. Sometimes when winning a prize, a bell would ring indicating that the contestant had won a bonus surprise. (On the nighttime show, which had a larger prize budget than the daytime show, some of these prizes were a 1926 Rolls-Royce with chauffeur, a Ferris wheel, shares of corporate stock, and an island in the St. Lawrence Seaway.) In later years, bonus games (not necessarily pricing games) were also added.

The 1972 daytime incarnation of The Price is Right (hosted by Bob Barker) has the distinction of being the longest-running game show in television history. It has surpassed the previous record of 17 years and 7 months set by What's My Line?. Still airing today, it continues to extend its record, and has aired more than 6,000 episodes. Notably, it is also the only daytime game show which has regularly aired on United States network television since January, 1994. Many believe The Price is Right has lasted so long because of Bob Barker's refusal to make significant changes to the show's look or format (for example, when his microphone broke, CBS didn't have an old style microphone to replace it; so a new microphone was simply put in an old-style casing.) Much of the music, composed by noted composer Edd Kalehoff, has been around since 1972. Johnny Olson was the show's original announcer. Olson was the first to call contestants to "Come on down!," which became the show's catch phrase. Olson passed away in 1985, and shortly afterwards, an on-air audition of several other announcers (Gene Wood, Rod Roddy, Rich Jeffries & Bob Hilton) was held, and Rod Roddy was chosen to replace Olson. Roddy continued to do the show until two months before his passing on October 27, 2003. After another on-air announcer audition, including Burton Richardson (who announced the 1994 syndicated version and sat in for Roddy during his cancer treatment in 2001), Rich Fields was named the show's third permanent announcer on April 4, 2004.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Nov 30, -0001
Premiere November 26, 1956
Episodes Unknown
Network NBC/ABC/CBS/Syndicated
Format/Time Color / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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