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> Description 
The concept of "Let's Make a Deal" began with the host (again, usually Monty Hall) choosing a studio audience member at random to play a game against him. Although the specifics of the games varied, the usual pattern was that the audience member was first given a small amount of cash or prizes, or promise of cash or prizes. Then, the choice posed to that audience member was to keep the relatively safe bet of the cash/prizes already offered to them, or to risk that for the potential of a larger or different prize or cash award. The "choices" often included to risk the cash-in-hand for a chance to win what was hidden under/behind a box of varying sizes which was brightly "wrapped" like a birthday present, or what was concealed behind a curtain. The contestant would choose to relinquish the money-in-hand (or known prize) for the unknown. The concealed "prize" might be a fantastic appliance, a new stereo system or television, jewelry, a trip, or other expensive item. Or, the contestant was the "winner" of a gag-prize ranging from a straw hat, to a wagon-full of straw, or even a donkey or horse to eat the straw! Sometimes, a cage was revealed to hold a family of chickens or a group of bunnies.

Initially, studio audience members came in their Sunday best - suits and ties and nice dresses. But, shortly into the show's run, a single audience member carried a sign to try to get Monty's attention, and he picked her. That single sign became more signs, then costumes, hollering... anything an audience member could think of to become the lucky person Monty picked next. The free-for-all with the audience became a hallmark of the show. Signs often held jokes or puns which linked in some way to their costume. The costumes were often outrageous and included hats, which could be rather large. The joking-banter between Monty Hall and the contestant after being chosen was also a trademark of the show.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia

> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Jan 01, 0000
Premiere December 30, 1963
Episodes Unknown
Network NBC/ABC/Syndicated/Univision
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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