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  The Newlywed Game

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> Description 
For the first round, the wives were taken off the stage while the husbands were asked four questions. (Many of The Newlywed Game's questions dealt with "making whoopee," the euphemism that producers used for sexual intercourse in order to get around network censors.) The wives were then brought back on stage and were asked for their answers for the same four questions. Once the wife gave her answer, the husband gave the answer that he previously gave, which was written on a blue card. A match for that question was worth 5 points for the couple.

The fun was, of course, when the couples didn't match. Often, couples got into huge arguments over their answer, and the audience loved it. Eubanks of course played right along, often using one spouse's words against the other or "taking sides."

The roles were reversed in the second round, where the husbands were taken off the stage and the wives were asked four questions before the husbands were brought back on stage to give their answers. The first three questions in this round were worth 10 points each, and the final question was worth 25 points.

The couple with the highest score at the end of the second round won a prize that was "chosen just for you" (actually, the contestants had requested a certain prize and competed with other couples for that item). The grand prize was never a car, but it could include just about anything else: appliances, furniture, home entertainment systems, a trailer or motorcycles, trips (complete with luggage and camera), etc. In the 1996 remake, the grand prize was always a trip (dubbed "a second honeymoon").

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Sep 01, 2000
Premiere July 11, 1966
Episodes Unknown
Network ABC/Syndicated
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
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