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> Description 
Sisters was a television drama which aired on NBC from 1991 to 1996, and revolved around the Reed sisters who all lived in Winnetka, Illinois, and were the daughters of a workaholic medical doctor who was now deceased. In the show's memorable opening, all of the sisters were shown taking a steam bath together clad only in towels, apparently a weekly family ritual.

The oldest sister was Alex, who is very protective of her younger siblings and intervened when there was a crisis. Her own life was problematic, as she faced the problems of a rebellious teenage daughter (initially played by Ashley Judd), and a transvestive husband, also a doctor. Alex and her mother, Bea, watch over Teddy, Georgie, and Frankie. Teddy was the glamorous, devastatingly beautiful sister who was also an at-times-uncontrolled alcoholic. Georgie was the most responsible sister, with a seemingly-happy marriage to John, but they had a son fighting leukemia, which also had an emotionally-devastating effect on his older brother. Frankie was married to Teddy's ex-husband, Mitch, upon whom she had first developed a crush when he began to date Teddy and Frankie was still a little girl.

Later, the sisters became aware of a fifth "sister", a half-sister who was the love child of an affair the Reed father had with another woman. This fifth sister, Charley (played by Jo Anderson and then later by Sheila Kelley) factored into storylines starting in 1994, and was yet another medical doctor character. The writing, which was always somewhat exaggerated, tended to become even more over the top as the seasons progressed, perhaps culminating with Alex's post-divorce affair with a plumber and subsequent marriage to Big Al, an outlandish appliance retailer who frequently appeared in his own television commercials as "The Appliance King", complete with robe and crown.

The series received 8 Emmy Award nominations over the course of its run, winning once, in 1994 for Sela Ward as Best Actress.
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing May 04, 1996
Premiere May 11, 1991
Episodes 127
Network NBC
Format/Time Color / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Swoosie Kurtz....   Alexandra 'Alex' Reed Halsey Barker/Barkerowitz
Elizabeth Hoffman....   Beatrice 'Bea' Reed Ventnor
Eric Close....   Billy Griffin (1995-1996)
Joe Flanigan....   Brian Cordovas (1995-1996)
Heather McAdam....   Catherine 'Cat' Anne Margolis
George Clooney....   Detective James Falconer (1993-1994)
Jo Anderson....   Dr. Charlotte "Charley" Bennett Hayes (1994-1995)
Shelia Kelly....   Dr. Charlotte 'Charley' Bennett Hayes #2 (1995-1996)
Daniel Gerroll....   Dr. David Caspian (1994-1995)
Stephen Collins....   Dr. Gabriel Sorenson (1995-1996)
David Dukes....   Dr. Wade Halsey (Seasons 1-4)
Michael Whaley....   Dr. Wesley Hayes (1995-1996)
Julianne Phillips....   Francesca "Frankie" Reed Margolis (1991-1995)
Patricia Kalember....   Georgiana "Georgie" Reed Whitsig
Garrett M. Brown....   John Whitsig (1991-1995)
Phillip Sterling....   Judge Truman Ventnor (1991-1995)
John Shipp....   Lucky (1994-1995)
Ed Marinaro....   Mitch Margolis (1991-1994)
Nora Dunn....   Norma Lear (1993-1996)
Kathryn Zaremba....   Roxie Whatley (1994)
Mark Frankel (I)....   Simon Bolt (1992-1993)
Sela Ward....   Theodora "Teddy" Reed Margolis Falconer Sorenson
Ryan J. Francis....   Trevor Michael Whitsig

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