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  The Adventures of Superboy

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> Description 
Superboy: the TV Series was started in 1988 by Alexander and Ilya Salkind, producers of the first three Superman movies which starred Christopher Reeve. It began as a sort of simple show about Clark Kent played by John Haymes Newton and his friends Lana Lang (Stacy Haiduk), and T.J. White. (Jim Calvert) Their adventures took place in Capitol City, Florida at Shuster University. Clark and T.J. worked on the Shuster Herald, their college newspaper, throughout the first season ant their reporting led to many of their adventures. In this first season, Lex Luthor was introduced as a young college student. Other than Luthor, however, the villains were mostly pretty dull. Gangsters, drug dealers, and corrupt constuction workers were just some of the villains on this list. The season did have some better villains, however, such as the un-named alien from "The Alien Solution" and "Revenge of the Alien", and the life force draining vampire of "Succubus".

By the second season, John Haymes Newton had left the show. To take his place, Gerard Christopher stepped in. Gerard was a fan of Superman and not only starred in the show, but he also wrote and produced some later episodes. Surprisingly, Gerard was 31 years old when he started the show in 1989 and by the time he left he was 34 years old.

There were other cast changes in the second season. T.J. White left the show and Clark's new college roommate Andy McCalister (Ilan Mitchell Smith) appeared. The role of Luthor also changed hands and was given to Sherman Howard. To explain Lex's sudden growth spurt, the show's Luthor had plastic surgery to age himself 15 years. In the second season the show was improved quite a bit. We were now seeing more intelligent and interesting stories with better villains and enemies such as Metallo, and Bizarro (who would later become an ally).

By the third season even more changes took place in the series. Slark and Lana moved away from the setting of Shuster University and took an interning job at The Bureau for Extra-Normal matters, a government organization that investigates weird phenomena and alien sightings. Clark's roommate Andy was replaced by Clark and Lana's co-worker Matt Ritter and their boss C. Dennis Jackson. Also in the 3rd season, some of the shows best stories were produced. Among these are "Bride of Bizarro", "Roads Not Taken", and "Rebirth." The same cast was used in the 4th and final season which also produced some great episodes such as "Know Thine Enemy" and "To Be Human."

Of course, kryptonite made an appearance many times in the series. It appeared mostly in green form but it did appear once in its red form in the episode "Super Menace" which also featured Metallo.

The show does the Superboy character and comics great justice, and is one of the best comic book TV shows ever created. It will definitely stand out in the TV superhero archives and may one day reappear on television.

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> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing May 01, 1992
Premiere October 8, 1988
Episodes 100
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Ilan Mitchell-Smith....   Andy McAllister (1989-1990)
Robert Levine....   C. Dennis Jackson (1990-1992)
Tracy Roberts....   Darla
Christine Page....   Doctor (1988))
George Chakiris....   Dr. Peterson
Stuart Whitman....   Jonathan Kent
George Lazenby....   Jor-El (1990)
Stacy Haiduk....   Lana Lang
Michael Manno....   Leo
Russell Sanderlin Sr.....   Lex Luther's Bodyguard
Scott Wells....   Lex Luthor (1988-1989)
Sherman Howard....   Lex Luthor (1989-1992)
Salome Jens....   Martha Kent
Peter Fernandez....   Matt Ritter (1990-1992)
John Newton....   Superboy (Clark Kent) (1988-1989)
Gerard Christopher....   Superboy (Clark Kent) (1989 - 1992)
James Calvert....   T.J. White (1988-1989)
Emmett Fitzsimmons....   Trucker (1988-1992)

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