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  SurfSide 6

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> Description 

THE PREMISE: SurfSide 6 is both the address of a Miami Beach houseboat that serves as the office for a private investigator firm and the phone exchange (SurfSide 6-2345). Attorneys Dave Thorne and Ken Madison, and their friend Sandy Winfield, man the private detective agency. The yacht moored next to their houseboat is owned by their socialite friend Daphne Dutton. When they need to unwind they go to the Boom Boom Room to hear Cha Cha O'Brien sing.


Sandor Winfield II moved to Miami to get away from the job his father, Jonathan Winfield I, had picked out for him: Wall Street attorney. His father was not too angry, however, as he pays for Sandy's room and board at the Racquet Club in Miami Beach. Initially just a friend of the SurfSide detectives, Sandy eventually becomes part of the firm. He is a playboy who has no objection to mixing pleasure with business.

Kenneth Madison came to Miami after graduating from law school and working as a private investigator in New Orleans (his adventures shown in the series Bourbon Street Beat). His good looks (his private investigator's license lists him at 6' tall and 185 pounds) give him an advantage whenever he needs a female for companionship or information.

David M. Thorne has a long, distinguished background. Before moving to Miami, he served in the Air Force in the Korean War and worked in the New York District Attorney's office. His alma mater is Jersey State.

Daphne DeWitt Dutton is the young socialite who has the berth next to the SurfSide houseboat for her yacht, the Daffy II. She is not romantically involved with any of the detectives, but she is friends with them all. She occasionally helps out with chores in the office or assists on a case.

Cha Cha O'Brien is the featured performer at the Boom Boom Room. As with Daphne, Cha Cha has a platonic friendsihp with the detectives. She is more than happy to help them out when she sees something amiss in the hotel that might be tied to a case, although she occasionally finds herself in dangerous situations as a result.

THE HISTORY: SurfSide 6 was one of a number of detective series created by William T. Orr and produced by Warner Brothers. The most successful of these was 77 Sunset Strip. In fact, on three occasions -- a two-part 77 Sunset Strip episode ("The Hot Tamale Caper") and an episode of SurfSide 6 ("Love Song for a Deadly Redhead") -- the casts of 77 and SurfSide got together for "cross-over" episodes.

SurfSide 6 had good, but not great, ratings. The show lasted for two seasons before being cancelled in 1962.
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing May 22, 1961
Premiere October 3, 1960
Episodes 74
Network ABC
Format/Time Black & White / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Margarita Sierra....   Cha Cha O'Brien
Diane McBain....   Daphne Dutton
Lee Patterson....   Dave Thorne
Van Williams....   Ken Madison
Richard Crane....   Lt. Gene Plehn (Season 2)
Don Barry....   Lt. Ray Snedigar (Season 1)
Paul Garner....   Mousie (Season 1 (recurring))
Troy Donahue....   Sandy Winfield

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SurfSide 6 on AmericanLife TV
(Posted June 30, 2005 by Karen Raizor)

SurfSide 6 currently airs every third Monday on AmericanLife TV at 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM eastern time.  The show alter ... [More Information]


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