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  Department S

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> Description 

THE PREMISE: Department S is an elite branch of Interpol, headquartered in Paris. The three-person team (two men, one woman) get the cases that have no explanation or solution. They travel the world to solve the crimes that no one else can.


Jason King is the author of the best-selling Mark Caine series of spy novels. His approach to a case is different from most: he sees things as a synopsis for his fictional hero, and approaches the solution the way Mark Caine would. He is also a playboy who would much rather chase women than criminals.

Stewart Sullivan came to the Department from the FBI in America. He is the field leader of the Department. Handsome and intelligent, Stewart uses his brains to solve the unsolvable, although he will resort to fisticuffs if necessary (where he usually prevails). He has obviously been romantically involved with his co-worker Annabelle.

Annabelle Hurst is a computer expert. Her computer, "Auntie", deals in facts, and so does she. Annabelle has little patience for Jason's wild theories. She is not just confined to the computer room: she has her fair share of scrapes with the criminals.

Sir Curtis Seretse is a high-ranking African diplomat. He is also the official head of Department S, deciding which cases they will take. He uses his position to gain information that would otherwise be off-limits. He also on occasion finds himself working in the field on a case, or part of the case because of his status.

THE HISTORY: Department S was produced by ITC in England. It lasted for 28 episodes and was very successful, syndicated world-wide. When time came to renew the series, however, ITC chairman Sir Lew Grade opted to continue only with the flamboyant Jason King character. The spin-off show, Jason King ran for an additional 26 episodes, but without the success of the original. Thanks to a 7-DVD box set release in 2003 the series continues popularity among its original fans while winning new fans.
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Mar 24, 1970
Premiere March 9, 1969
Episodes 28
Network ITV1
Format/Time Color / 60 Minutes
Country United Kingdom
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Rosemary Nicols....   Annabelle Hurst
Peter Wyngarde....   Jason King
Dennis Peters....   Sir Curtis Seretse
Joel Fabiani....   Stewart Sullivan

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