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  7th Heaven / Seventh Heaven

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> Description 
7th Heaven is a U.S. television series about a minister's family living in the fictional town of Glenoak in California. The series was created by Brenda Hampton. On air since 1996, it was announced on February 14, 2005 that WB had renewed 7th Heaven for a 10th (2005-2006) season, making it the longest-running family program in television history.

The central characters are Reverend Eric Camden, his wife Annie, and their seven children. Originally the family consisted of five children (Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon and Ruthie), but in the third season, Annie gave birth to twins, Sam and David. Three of the children, Matt, Simon, and Mary, moved away from home and appear irregularly. Nevertheless, the house is always full; Lucy, her husband Kevin, and their daughter Savannah all live with the Camdens, as do frequent long-term house guests.

Each episode deals with a moral lesson or controversial theme that the family deals with either directly or indirectly. Some range from the traumatic (e.g., Eric's sister came to visit and the children found out that she had a drinking problem) to the somewhat trivial (e.g., in one episode, every child acquired an addiction, with even Ruthie being addicted to gum). Beyond the moral lesson in each show, there are also longer-running story arcs. In the later seasons, Eric had to deal with his wife entering menopause and his youngest daughter Ruthie needing a training bra. The topics are usually approached from a very conservative point of view. Homosexuality has, so far, not been a theme in the series.

The part of eldest daughter Mary was gradually written out of the show after the actress who portrayed her, Jessica Biel, posed for semi-nude photographs for Gear magazine which the very conservative producers of the show did not like; she had been dissatisified with her "goody goody" image. Mary was sent to her grandparents' house for some tough love to counter her rebellious behavior. However, Mary's "hard year" which led to her being sent to her grandparents had started before the photos were taken. Mary eventually ended up as a flight attendant before eloping with Carlos Rivera, an old boyfriend from season 3. She and Carlos are the parents of a baby boy, Charles Miguel.

Although originally produced by FOX in 1996, the show is now produced by the WB television network, on which it has always aired. Its producers, including Aaron Spelling, consider it wholesome family viewing, incorporating public service announcements into the show. Factually, the show is reliant on the very special episode concept, attempting to introduce contemporary social issues to lend greater emotional resonance to episodes. This has led to heavy derision by critics and Television Without Pity.

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> Airing History & Information 
Premiere August 26, 1996
Network WB
Format/Time Color / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Catherine Hicks....   Annie Jackson-Camden
Geoff Stults....   Ben Kinkirk (2001-2003)
Ashlee Simpson....   Cecilia Smith (2002-2004)
Jeremy London....   Chandler Hampton (2002-2004)
Nikolas Brino....   David Camden (1999 -)
Happy....   Happy
Andrea Ferrell....   Heather Cain (19 episodes)
Matthew Linville....   Jimmy Moon (20 episodes)
Chaz Shepherd....   John Hamilton (1999-2001)
George Stults....   Kevin Kinkirk (2002 -)
Alan Fudge....   Lou Dalton (19 episodes)
Beverley Mitchell....   Lucy Camden Kinkirk
Tyler Hoechlin....   Martin Brewer (2003 -)
Jessica Biel....   Mary Camden (1996-2001)
Barry Watson....   Matt Camden (1996-2002, 2004 -)
Scotty Leavenworth....   Peter Petrowski (2002-2004)
Stephen Collins....   Reverend Eric Camden
Adam LaVorgna....   Robbie Palmer (2000-2002, season 5 -)
Rachel Blanchard....   Roxanne Richardson (2002-2004)
Mackenzie Rosman....   Ruthie Camden
Myrinda Brino....   Sam & David Camden (uncredited) (1999-2001)
Zachary Brino....   Sam & David Camden (uncredited) (1999-2001)
Lorenzo Brino....   Sam Camden (1999 -
Christopher Michael....   Sgt. Michaels / Detective Michaels (39 episodes)
David Gallagher....   Simon Camden (1996-2003, 2004 -)
Andrew Keegan....   Wilson West (24 episodes)

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'7th Heaven' Splitting after 10 Seasons
(Posted November 11, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

LOS ANGELES ( The longest-running series in The WB's history, "7th Heaven," will call it quits at the end of this season after a decade on the air.

The network made the announcement Fr ... [More Information]

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