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  Will And Grace

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> Description 
Will & Grace's early relationship Back in college, Will and Grace were actually boyfriend and girlfriend, with Will in denial about his sexuality. However, with the counsel of his new friend Jack McFarland, Will finally came out to Grace during a Thanksgiving weekend at her family home in 1985. Grace was shocked, hurt and angry at the time, throwing him out of the house, but a year later they finally reconciled and renewed their friendship.

When the show debuted, the pair had just started living as roommates in New York City after Grace had come out of a long-term relationship with Danny which ended badly, and needed an apartment. Will and Grace spend a lot of time with one another as well as with friends Jack McFarland, a flamboyantly gay struggling stage actor whose careers over the course of the show range from a Barney's assistant to a student nurse; and Karen Walker, a millionairess drunk and Grace's personal assistant. Another character who factored into the early stories was Harlin Polk, played by Gary Grubbs. At first he was given equal billing in the opening credits with the other four cast members, but interest in his storyline waned and he was written out of the show.

The show follows both Will and Grace's attempts to establish romantic relationships without sacrificing their often co-dependent reliance on one another for emotional support. A common joke finds Jack and Karen referring to Will and Grace as "non-sexual life partners". Eventually Grace moved into her own apartment in an attempt to put some distance between herself and Will, but then ended up moving back the following season.

Grace has had several lovers on the show, portrayed by actors such as Woody Harrelson and Gregory Hines. Eventually she married Leo, played by singer and actor Harry Connick, Jr.. They split in the finale of the show's sixth season after Grace discovered Leo had had an affair while working with Doctors Without Borders in Cambodia. Will has been less successful romantically, a fact lamented by many fans who long to see a gay man portrayed on television in a happy relationship. In the show's early seasons, Will did not have any long-term love interests, but this changed in the spring of 2004, when the character of Vince, a New York City policeman played by Bobby Cannavale, was introduced.

Meanwhile the supporting characters Jack and Karen have grown cattier and more spiteful, providing acerbic commentary on the neurotic behavior of the title characters. Jack, whose floundering one-man show and acting career has been established as a hopeless dream, found work in retail sales and eventually married Karen's maid and long-time friend Rosario in order to help her establish US citizenship. It was also revealed that he had fathered a son many years prior (through artificial insemination with a woman played by Rosie O'Donnell). Karen is played as a woman who has made hard choices in life in order to live the carefree way she chooses. She sometimes reluctantly reveals intense emotion about rough situations (such as the death of her husband), although she usually prefers to put on a face of cruel indifference and obliviousness.

Karen's husband Stan Walker has remained an unseen character across the course of the show. He is described as a very heavy man with some unusual sexual tastes, who gives a lot of business to Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Jailed during season 4 for tax fraud, Stan was released in season 5 but Karen soon caught him sleeping with his mistress Lorraine Finster. During Stan and Karen's divorce proceedings at the end of season 5, Stan died and season 6 saw Karen explore other avenues of dating, briefly marrying Lorraine's father Lyle. At the end of the seventh season it was revealed that Stan faked his death, and will likely return in season eight.

By 2005, "Will & Grace" had been nominated for 49 and won 12 Emmys. From 2001-2005, “Will & Grace” was the second highest rated comedy among adults 18-49, second only to NBC's own Friends, which usually preceded it on the Thursday night schedule. It has also been heralded as responsible for opening the door to a string of gay themed television programs such as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Boy Meets Boy. "Will & Grace" has won several GLAAD Media Awards for its fair and accurate representation of the gay community.

2005 Emmy Nominations:
Best Comedy Series
Best Actor In A Comedy Series-Eric McCormack
Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series-Sean Hayes
Best Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series-Megan Mullahy

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Premiere September 21, 1998
Episodes 170 (as of 2004-2005 season)
Network NBC
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Debra Messing....   Grace Adler
Sean P. Hayes....   Jack Macfarlane
Megan Mullahy....   Karen Walker
Shelley Morrison....   Rosario
Eric McCormack....   Will Truman

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