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  Malcolm In The Middle

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> Description 
Originally there were only four children (although Malcolm's eldest brother attended a military school away from home, so he was still the middle child left at home). The fifth child, a new baby, was introduced in the show's fourth season, although it was not made clear what sex the child was until the beginning of the fifth season (a boy). The boys are, from eldest to youngest: Francis, Reese, Malcolm, Dewey, and Jamie.

At the beginning of the series, Malcolm's principal recognizes him as a gifted student, and places him in an accelerated learning class. Much to his dismay, the move brands him as a "Krelboyne," a member of the gifted class. The name "Krelboyne" comes from the surname of one of the characters in the movie Little Shop of Horrors. Many episodes revolve around Malcolm's attempts to reconcile his genius-level IQ with his desire to lead a "normal" social life.

Reese, the second oldest, is also the dumbest. This is because at an early age he learned how to get rid of his troubles, by turning his brain off, or singing the "Minty Mint Song" in his head. He is overall the most destructive of the brothers, and arguably the biggest trouble maker (the full extent of Francis' deeds have yet to be revealed, but occasional glimpses of the past have shown presumably why Francis was exiled from the house). He has a reputation as a bully, but over the show's development has begun to follow Francis and become more responsible. He is an excellent chef and loves to cook, and it has become Hal and Lois' only true leverage to punish him.

In the fourth season, Malcolm's younger brother Dewey begins to exhibit a high degree of intelligence, seen mainly in his talent playing the piano. Dewey was about to follow his brother into the gifted class, only to have Malcolm help him stay in normal classes by using Reese to complete Dewey's tests, which accidentally gets Dewey thrown into the "Special" class, full of kids considered lost causes (the class is known as the "Buseys", an apparent reference to actor Gary Busey.) He has since organized the class to want to be all they can be, and is teaching them standard lessons as their teacher/leader. He has been trying to show that they are just as capable as others, and has organized them to do things like perform an opera he wrote based on his family.

The eldest brother, Francis, is a regular character on the show, though he has not lived at home with his brothers since Hal and Lois sent him to military school (part of the backstory to season 1). After the second season, at only age 16, he legally emancipated himself with the help of an unscrupulous Alabama lawyer. He left the academy and headed up to Alaska to find work as a logger. By season 4 he found himself working as a farmhand at a Texas ranch/hotel which is owned by Germans. (But are Danish in the German-dubbed version of the series.) Now married to Piama (an Alaskan Native), Francis has become a responsible adult. He applies discipline to his young siblings, who up to that point had regarded him as a role model.

Lois works as a clerk at Lucky Aide, a local drugstore. She has unconventional ways of disciplining her children. Her mother is still alive, much to the family's dismay. Lois also has a sister, with whom she is on uneven ground. Her boss, the domineering but socially inept Craig Feldspar, has romantic feelings for her, which he makes known in several episodes. Lois is of undetermined Eastern European descent, an aspect only explored in a single episode in the latest season. Based on a few comments she has made throughout the series, she is believed by many to be Polish.

Hal is a bit squeamish and more relaxed in his parenting than Lois, mainly because he is afraid to make the wrong choice. His indecisiveness supposedly stems from a childhood incident in which he caused a clown to get attacked by a snake (both of which he is now afraid of). He's smart enough to know not to cross Lois. He is arguably the biggest dreamer of the family, usually daydreaming about enjoyable situations. He comes from a large rich family, with all of the family members having some (repressed) problem or another. They rarely visit because of the friction between Hal's relatives and Lois.

The last name of the family has never been revealed on the show, but several sources have reported that it is Wilkerson. This is the result of a joke that appeared in the original pilot script. In that script, Malcolm was walking to school when a neighborhood kid came running up shouting, "Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm. I was talking to my parents last night - I was listening to them talk, and what's your last name?" "Wilkerson, why?" Malcolm replied. "Oh. Who are the Pariahs?" said the other kid. The joke was eventually cut. One theory of why their last name has never been given is that the producers did not want them to be typecast as any particular ethnicity. However, Lois (the family matriarch)'s mom, who makes occasional appearances, is evidently of Eastern European descent.

The setting of the show also has never been revealed. The locale doesn't appear to have noticeable seasons, and doesn't appear to be in a desert environment, so one could conjecture the setting is somewhere in suburban southern California. Also, the schools the teens attend has the look and layout of a common California public school, with classes in many sperate single story buildings, and lot of outdoor space inbetween (usually with a central plaza-like area), instead of a single multistory building.

2005 Emmy Nominations
Best Actress In A Comedy Series-Jane Kaczmarek

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Premiere January 9, 2000
Episodes 129 (as of 2004-2005 season)
Network Fox
Format/Time Color / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Erik Per Sullivan....   Dewey
Christopher Masterson....   Francis
Bryan Cranston....   Hal
Jane Kaczmarek....   Lois
Frankie Muniz....   Malcolm
Justin Berfield....   Reese

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Malcolm In The Middle moved back a week
(Posted August 29, 2005 by Leah Yoakum)

LOS ANGELES ( FOX is tinkering with its fall premiere schedule a little, expanding the season debut of "The Bernie Mac Show" and moving "Malcolm in the Middle" back a w ... [More Information]

Source: Zap2it
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