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  War of the Worlds

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> Description 
The War of the Worlds television series ran for two seasons, from October of 1988 to May of 1990. It was an extension of the 1953 War of the Worlds movie.

Rather than being outright killed by germs at the end of the original War of the Worlds, the aliens had actually all slipped into a state of suspended animation. Their bodies were stored away in toxic waste drums and shipped away to various disposal sites (at least two known to exist in the U.S.), and a widespread government cover-up combined with a condition dubbed "selective-amnesia" convinced most people that the invasion had never happened.

Since the concept of vastly intelligent life on Mars had lost its plausibility by the time of the series, the aliens were revealed to actually be from Mor-Tax - a garden planet 40 light-years away in the Taurus constellation orbiting a dying sun.

Thirty-five years later, in 1988 (modern day when the series began), the appropriately named terrorist group The People's Liberation Party accidentally irradiate the drums containing an alien while raiding dumpsite Fort Jericho. The radiation destroys the bacteria that were keeping the aliens unconscious. Once free, the aliens take possession of the bodies of the six that overran the site. From there they use a strew of human bodies and crudely adapted earth technology to find means of appropriating the planet both in wiping out the plague that is humanity and developing a permanent means to inoculate themselves against the planet's indigenous bacterium. Their attempt to successfully make Earth into their new homeworld is imperative for in roughly five years, 3 million colonists from Mor-Tax are expected to arrive.

An eclectic group was formed by the government to deal with the new alien threat, and the series followed their missions and adventures (and, often, failures) in fighting the aliens.

Series End

The finale is set in the last episode of the second season. The young alien boy named Ceeto runs away, taking an important Obelisk with him. With the Blackwood group with him, they watch as it reveals the truth: after the scientific team sent on their research mission (never mind the fact that early episodes made evident that the events of '53 was an invasion effort) are killed, Malzor, whose mate was on the exedition, kills their leader, and makes every effort to wage a war against humanity as an act of revenge. (This gives way to the fact that this is the first and only invasion made by the Morthren, so one can't help but note the confliction of this with the subtitle for the season). In doing so, he has caused the planet to be set for self-destruction. This is then shown to Mana who shows it to the Morthren just as Malzor is ready to launch an all-out massacre. After a cornered Malzor kills Ceeto, Debi shoots Mazlor dead. With this, the Morthren call off the war, and our heroes walk out into a suddenly sunny world.

Loose Ends

The first season's finale, "The Angel of Death", introduces a synth from the planet Qar'To (which is in the same system as Mor-Tax) named Q'Tara who arrives on Earth and begins killing aliens right and left in effort of finding the Advocacy, without whom the aliens would be lost and helpless. The Blackwood Team is happy to have such a powerful ally (who can shoot "atomic bullets" and can easily detect aliens) on their side who seems to be fighting the same enemy. In fact, after the aliens launch a surprise attack on them all, Q'Tara even goes the extra mile to heal the fatally wounded team members. Although she has been doing good so far, she needs to bring in reinforcements. Just as she's prepared to leave, she makes a last report in a strange native language (subtitled), which states that her mission is incomplete and that humanity as a future food source is still in danger.

This set-up in this cliffhanger combined with the existence of the rogue alien Quinn vying for his own global dominance and millions of more aliens with their leaders making the exodus to Earth in such a short strand of years made the future of the show promise nothing but interest with so many friends and foes battling for the planet. Sadly, all this potential died in the aptly titled Season 1 finale, as they were never picked up and carried into the second season.

Another element that was being built was the issue of why no one remembers the invasion of '53 (something that is the centre of the show's criticism). Many hints of the true explanation were dropped in many episodes, but this was something that Season 2 never even acknowledged, much less answered.

Paramount Studios has never officially released the series in the United States, but a petition exists at to have the series finally available in stores.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Jan 01, 1990
Premiere 1988
Episodes 44
Network Syndicated
Format/Time Color / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Richard Comar....   Advocate #1 (1988-1989)
David Calderisi....   Advocate #1 (1988-1989)
Ilse von Glatz....   Advocate #2 (1988-1989)
Michael Rudder....   Advocate #2 (1988-1989)
Michael Eric Kramer....   Advocate #2 / Commander (5 episodes)
Ric Sarabia....   Advocate #2 / Teal (6 episodes)
Julian Richings....   Ardix (1989-1990)
Gene Mack....   Bartender / Wiley (3 episodes)
Rachel Blanchard....   Debi McCullough
Jared Martin....   Dr. Harrison Blackwood
Lynda Mason Green....   Dr. Suzanne McCullough
Andrew Scorer....   Herion Addict / Lunatic (3 episodes)
Adrian Paul....   John Kincaid (1989-1990)
Richard Chaves....   Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse (1988-1989)
Denis Forest....   Malzor (1989-1990)
Catherine Disher....   Mana (1989-1990)
Corinne Conley....   Mrs. Pennyworth (1988-1989)
Philip Akin....   Norton Drake (1988-1989)
Ann Robinson....   Sylvia Van Buren (3 episodes)

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