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  The George Gobel Show

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> Description 
Low-key comedian George Gobel, known affectionately as "Lonesome George," starred in his own live variety series for six years. It opened with George's monologue, included a sketch with or performance by the week's guest star, and always a sketch about George's family problems with his wife, Alice. Alice was his real-life wife's name, but on television she was portrayed first by Jeff Donnell and later by Phyllis Avery. (The Alice sketches were finally dropped when the series moved to CBS.)

For a time Gobel was one of TV's top hits, and his familiar sayings ("Well, I'll be a dirty bird!", "You don't hardly get those no more") became by-words. But then Gunsmoke came along, running opposite on CBS, and Gobel's star began to fade. During the two seasons that the show aired on Tuesday nights for a full hour, it alternated with The Eddie Fisher Show, and both stars were regular guests on each other's programs. When Gobel moved to CBS for a final season, he alternated with The Jack Benny Show.
> Airing History & Information 
Last Airing Jun 05, 1960
Premiere October 2, 1954
Network NBC / CBS
Format/Time Black & White / 30 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Phyllis Avery....   Alice (1958-1959)
Jeff Donnell....   Alice (1954-1958)
Phil Harris....   Himself (2 episodes)
George Gobel....   Himself/Host
Eddie Fisher....   Regular Performer (1957-1958)
Joe Flynn....   Regular Performer (1958-1959)
Anita Bryant....   Regular Performer (1959-1960)
Paula Kelly....   Regular Performer (1959-1960)
Peggy King....   Regular Performer (1954-1956)
The Modernaires....   Regular Performer (1959-1960)
Harry von Zell....   Regular Performer (1959-1960)
Shirley Harmer....   Regular Performer (1957-1958)

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