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  The Fugitive

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> Description 
The Fugitive was an American network television dramatic series (ABC, 1963-1967) starring David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble, an innocent man falsely convicted for his wife's murder and sentenced to death, who escapes custody in a train wreck and begins a cross-country search for the one-armed man he believes to be the real killer (Fred Johnson, played by Bill Raisch), while pursued by a relentless police detective (Lt. Philip Gerard, played by Barry Morse). William Conrad provided voiceover narration for each episode.

The final episode in which Dr. Kimble finally confronted the one-armed man is among the highest-rated series television programs of all time, and was the single highest-rated episode of a regular program of its entire era. In a 1993 ranking, TV Guide named it the best dramatic series of the 1960s.

The series was conceived by Roy Huggins and produced by Quinn Martin. It is generally believed that the series was inspired by the Sam Sheppard case of the 1950s, in which the wife of Cleveland osteopathic physician Sam Sheppard was brutally murdered in their home; Sheppard maintained she had been killed by an intruder, was found guilty, appealed against this judgement to the Supreme Court, and was finally acquitted, having by that point served years in prison. (Huggins, however, steadfastly denied that the Sheppard case had any role in his creation of the show.) It aired for four seasons, with 30 episodes per season, for a total of 120 episodes. The first three seasons were filmed in black and white, while the final season was in color.

The series concept of a lead character who was forced to keep on the move, pursued by the law for a crime he did not commit proved to be perfect for television programming. While shows like Route 66 had employed the same anthology-like premise of wanderers finding adventure in each new place they came to, The Fugitive answered two questions that had bedeviled many similar series: "Why doesn't the protagonist settle down somewhere?" and "Why is the protagonist trying to solve these problems himself instead of calling in the police?" Numerous other television series since have imitated this basic series premise, with the twists mostly being mostly in the nature of the fugitives: a scientist with a monstrous alter ego (The Incredible Hulk); a husband and wife (Hot Pursuit, 1984); a young man afflicted with lycanthropy (Werewolf, 1987)); and even a German shepherd (Run, Joe, Run, 1974).

A total of 42 episodes have been released on home video (VHS) by NuVentures Video. Of these, 12 episodes were also released on laserdisc.

The Fugitive, a feature film based on the series, was released in 1993, starring Harrison Ford as Kimble, Tommy Lee Jones as Gerard (now named "Samuel" instead of "Philip" and a U.S. Marshal rather than a police lieutenant) and Andreas Katsulas as the one-armed man. While some believe this movie and its success may have started the Hollywood trend of the 1990s for remaking old television series as feature films, this movie eschews the campy approach generally taken by such remakes, and treats its source material with respect. In particular, the script portrays Kimble as a man so good that he chooses to help others even when it poses a danger to his liberty or to his physical safety.

A short-lived TV series remake (CBS, 2000-2001) of the same name also aired, starring Timothy Daly as Kimble, Mykelti Williamson as Gerard, and Stephen Lang as the one-armed man.

Show Description Credit: Wikipedia
> Airing History & Information 
Episodes 120
Network ABC
Format/Time Black & White / 60 Minutes
Country United States
Upcoming Airs Not currently airing
> Cast 
Paul Birch....   Captain Carpenter (7 episodes)
Jacqueline Scott....   Donna Kimble Taft (5 episodes)
David Janssen....   Dr. Richard Kimble
Bill Raisch....   Fred Johnson (The One-Armed Man)
Crahan Denton....   George / Sam Braydon (5 episodes)
Hank Simms....   Introductory Narrator (uncredited) (1963 - 1967)
Richard Anderson....   Leonard Taft / Lieutenant Sloan (6 episodes)
Barry Morse....   Lt. Philip Gerard
William Conrad....   Narrator (voice)
Dabbs Greer....   Sheriff / Jensen (6 episodes)

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